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I’ve decided to scrap this part for the time being, since my categories just aren’t working the way I wanted. But the reviews are still listed here and kept up-to-date. Just scroll down.



Note: I sort by first name first, so look for authors by first name, not last.

Allegra Pescatore:

A Bond of Thread (The Mountain Fell, #1)

Amy Campbell:

Breaker (Tales of the Outlaw Mages, #1)

Effigest (Tales of the Outlaw Mages, #2)

Dreamer (Tales of the Outlaw Mages, #3)

Up in Flames (Origins of the Outlaw Mages, Novella)

Anne McCaffrey:

Dragonsdawn (The Dragonriders of Pern)

Anne Wheeler:

The Stars Wait Not (The Star Realms Saga, #1)

Asrian Skies (Shadows of War, #1)

ARK Horton:

Struggling with the Current (The Telverin Trilogy, #1)

Flirting with the Tempest (The Telverin Trilogy, #2)

Racing with the Serpent (The Telverin Trilogy, #3)

Azshure L. Krauch:

The 13th Zodiac, #1

A.S. Frederiks:

Manaborn, The Morrow Legacy, #1

Beth Hudson:

Goldsong (The Sagathas Bard, #1)

Bruce Coville

Into the Land of the Unicorns (Unicorn Chronicles, #1)

Bjørn Larssen:

Children (The Ten Worlds, #1)

Christopher Paolini

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)

CE Page:

Deathborn (Sovereigns of Bright and Shadow, #1)

Brightling (Sovereigns of Bright and Shadow, #2)

Sovereigns (Sovereigns of Bright and Shadow, #3)

C.J. Brightley:

Things Unseen (A Long-Forgotten Song, #1)

The Dragon’s Tongue (A Long-Forgotten Song, #2)

C.M. Caplan:

The Sword in the Street

EG Radcliff:

The Hidden King (The Coming of Áed, #1)

The Last Prince (The Coming of Áed, #2)

The Wild Court (The Coming of Áed, #3)

Erika McCorkle:

Merchants of Knowledge and Magic (Merchants of the Pentagonal Dominion, #1)

E.L. Haines:

Stranger Back Home (Fantastic Stranger, #1)

G.K. Chesterton:

The Man Who Was Thursday

Hafsah Faizal:

We Hunt the Flame (Sands of Arawiya, #1)

Izabela Raittila:

Sammorien the Moss-Man (The Stories They Told Their Children Anthology)

Jack Adkins:

The Blood of a Dragon (The Dragons of Dorwine, #1)

Jean Gill

Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces, #1)

JCM Berne:

Wistful Ascending (The Hybrid Helix, #1)

Return of the Griffin (The Hybrid Helix, #2)

Blood Reunion (The Hybrid Helix, #3)

Julia Witmer:

A Wilted Willow (Old Review)

Julie Boglisch:

Demon’s Song (Requiem of Stone, #1)

Demon’s Call (Requiem of Stone, #2)

Laken Honeycutt:

The Chrysillium Tree

L.L. MacRae:

The Iron Crown (Dragon Spirits, #1)

Marian L. Thorpe:

Empire’s Legacy (Empire’s Daughter, Empire’s Hostage, Empire’s Exile)

Empire’s Bard (Oraiáphon, Empire’s Reckoning)

Empress and Soldier

Mckayla Eaton:

Black Smoke (Old Review)

McKenzie Austin

Followed By Fire (The Incineration Saga, #1)

Melinda Kucsera

Curse Breaker, Books 1-3

Mercedes Lackey:

Magic’s Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage, #1)

Magic’s Promise (The Last Herald-Mage, #2)

Magic’s Price (The Last Herald-Mage, #3)

Beyond (The Founding of Valdemar, #1)

Meredith Ann Pierce:

Birth of the Firebringer (The Firebringer Trilogy, #1)

Michelle Quirke:

The Fires of Treason (Old Review)

Embers of Fate (The Fires of Treason, #2)

P.L. Stuart:

A Drowned Kingdom (The Drowned Kingdom, #1)

Raymond E. Feist:

Magician: Apprentice and Master (The Riftwar Saga, #1, #2)

R. Ramey Guerrero:

Dust of a Moth’s Wing (The Age of Fire, #1)

Poison from a Scorpion’s Sting (The Age of Fire, #2)

Ryan Cahill:

Of Blood and Fire (The Bound and The Broken, #1)

Samantha Kroese:

Cursed Song

Samantha Shannon:

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Sienna Frost:

Obsidian: Awakening (Obsidian, #1)

Susan McGee Britton:

The Treekeepers

S. Kaeth:

Between Starfalls (Children of the Nexus, #1)

Let Loose the Fallen (Children of the Nexus, #2)


Palon: A Windward Novella

Thorarinn Gunnarson:

Dragonlord of Mystara (The Dragonlord Chronicles, #1)

Timothy S. Currey:

The Dragon That Never Was

T.A. Hernandez

Tethered Spirits (Curse of Shavhalla, #1)

Valerie Storm:

Birth of the Storm (Demon Storms, #1)

Yasmine Maher:

Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches

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