Epoch of the Promise Characters

This page is currently under construction. When it is done, it will have all the major POV (point of view) characters from the Epoch of the Promise novels. Right now, in preparation for the re-publication and publication of those novels, I am re-working and expanding this page. I think I am going to arrange these characters by the alphabetic order of their first names.


Ameriasel, Dragon Speaker, Wusren’anir’estchia

Ameriasel, who can speak to animals and dragons; character from Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing by Raina Nightingale; epic high slice of life fantasy


Arendellie Casarion of Avanzar and Hasseleighton

Portrait of Arendellie, main character of Epoch of the Promise: Vision's Light, epic christian grimdark adjacent noblebright adjacent fantasy


Brisia of Ebrin

Brisia, Kaarathlon, Knights of the Promise, Raina Nightingale, Midnight Rose


Calana, Priestess of the Dragonqueen

Portrait of Calana, a priestess of the Dragonqueen and an Epoch of the Promise (epic fantasy series) character.


Camri-Ryeth, Dragonqueen of Kaarathlon


Cassian, Dragon Speaker and Rider of Ryeth

Portrait of Cassian, child MC of Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen, dark epic fantasy, noblebright, grimdark, christian


Norden Jaryle Palece, Herald of the Promise

Jaryle, main character of Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen and Wings of Healing, by Raina Nightingale; Christian Fantasy, Epic Fantasy