Characters from Kaarathlon

This page is currently under construction. When it is done, it will have all the major POV (point of view) characters from currently published and up-coming novels in the Kaarathlon Series. However, I think what I currently have should provide an idea of what the finished result will be like! I plan to do something like this for the various Areaer series, as well.


Brisia, Kaarathlon, Knights of the Promise, Raina Nightingale, Midnight RoseBrisia

Daughter of Mirla and Kalimad, sister of Dormik (older brother) and Lalia (younger sister).

Area of Origin: Ebrin, Avanzar, (The Enzenyar Mountains, Camil).

Major Point-Of-View character in The Three Scrolls; appears also in Knights of the Promise.


Jaryle, Knights of the Promise, Kaarathlon, Raina Nightingale, Midnight Rose, Character Art, Christian Fiction, FantasyJaryle

Son of Nourda and Kezlim, older brother of Ameriasel.

Area of Origin: Dayle, Enarlanbough (The Trinazee Mountains, South Syre).

Major Point-Of-View character in Knights of the Promise.

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