Arendellie Casarion of Avanzar and Hasseleighton

Arendellie was born in Ebrin in the Enzenyar Mountains, Avanzar, the same village as Kathreen Alarion. She used to be one of a quartet of good friends, with her and Kathreen, and Dorene and Mirla, being closest. That friendship was broken when the nation of Hasseleighton declared war under a new king. Arendellie’s friends turned into fanatics devoted to the Promise, and she was left behind, when even her fiance, Neshekh Dasaran, became a fanatic, more interested in preaching allegiance to the Promise than in life with her.

Considered exceptionally beautiful for her green eyes, when Hasseleighton occupied Ebrin, the officer there gave Arendellie the opportunity to go to Anores, Capital of Hasseleighton, where her beauty might allow her to be selected as the Crown Prince’s bride. Alone and desolate, full of bitterness and wanting above all to forget what might have been and was now forever lost, Arendellie leapt at the opportunity. Before long she was chosen as Crown Prince Vanesh Casarion’s bride, and from there on she threw herself into the contest of keeping his attention and playing the potentially deadly game of court. When all you want is to forget, a game of wits with dangerous stakes is sometimes the best thing … and Arendellie loves the thrill and the test of her skill. Not to mention the luxuries of life as Princess, dressed and bathed and perfumed by slaves.

Unfortunately, one of her maids is a fanatic of the Promise….

Arendellie is a primary PoV character in Epoch of the Promise: Vision’s Light and a secondary character in Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen (both to be re-published soon).

Portrait of Arendellie, main character of Epoch of the Promise: Vision's Light, epic christian grimdark adjacent noblebright adjacent fantasy

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