About Raina Nightingale

Raina Nightingale has been writing high fantasy since she could read well enough to write her stories with the words she knew (the same time that she started devouring any fiction she could touch). She especially loves dragons, storms, mountains, stars, forests, volcanoes, a whole lot of other things, and characters who can make you feel what they do (up to a point). When she’s not learning and exploring either her fantasy worlds or this one, she enjoys playing with visual art, among other things. She will always believe that kindness is stronger than hatred and that we will never be aware of all the magic in the world.

Find out more about my novels and my two fantasy worlds (Kaarathlon and the Anidril/Areaer Setting) here.

If you want to contact me for any reason, are interested in doing a review, would like an interview, or anything else (that’s appropriate, of course), feel free to use the contact form at the bottom.

About Enthralled By Love Blog

Enthralled By Love exists because I am fascinated by the Love of Jesus, having known the one who gives Himself to me. I want to tell others about the wonderful Lord Jesus I have seen and about His Love which has enthralled me so that I no longer live for myself but for Him who lives for me. I want everyone to know the beautiful One who loves me and whom I shall delight in with my whole heart and soul for eternity.

I am not here to tell you what I’ve read in a book, what I heard from someone who heard it from someone else who heard it from yet another person, who may have known it personally. I do not want to share secondhand knowledge of God. That kind of a thing is a cause of a lot of problems between people. Everyone needs to know God and discover what they believe for themselves, and I do not want anything I write here to become secondhand knowledge or belief to anyone else. I do not write as a teacher, or as someone who has arrived and has no more to learn, but as one on a journey, discovering what I know, what I think, and how to share that. I write, as best as I know how – and it is woefully inadequate – about what God has personally revealed to me. The resurrection of Jesus has always been the greatest expression of the love of God to me.

Love’s Choice is a short story of mine that I think shares this better than anything else I can write (that’s remotely short).

This Love of God is far more concrete and far more real than what many people search for instead: new cars, nice houses, temperate living conditions, clothes, food, and so forth. I want to share the real Prosperity Gospel: that Jesus came to gives us abundant life, and this life is in the Son. There is no cost: when once you have tasted the Bread of Life and drunk of the Living Water – that is, when once you have known Jesus – it becomes apparent that all the things of earth that you may lose have no value at all. He will withhold no good thing from you, if you trust in Him. Whether you die in your sleep after more than a century, or whether you die in a torture chamber, that promise – all His promises, for they are all one, and all are Yes and Amen in Jesus the Son – holds true.

Jesus is not in competition for the thrones of the gods of nature anymore than He is in competition with the sun and the wind and the rain itself.

-Raina Nightingale

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow Raina, I read your kind comment on my blog and had to visit “anything” entitled “ enthralled by love”! Just the titles of your posts are speaking to my heart. It is very late and I am off to bed, but will be back to read what looks like a feast of love. God bless you! Forever be He praised for His Love and Mercy! ❤️


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