I (Raina Nightingale) have been enthralled by the Love of God in Christ Jesus. I stubbornly refused to come to Jesus for fear of what He might ask of me and the suffering and death that might result and lack of belief that He is worthy and is all. He miraculously drew me to Himself. My salvation is a miracle greater than the creation of the world. I was set on desiring only myself, and God changed my heart so that my only real desire is to know and be one with His Son, for which I am eternally grateful. It’s His love that did this. I understood that since on Calvary Jesus conquered death and changed it into Resurrection, and though He knew all my past and all my future failures He loved me and did everything so I could come to Him, there is nothing that can separate me from His love. No matter what, He calls me. He will not reject me for what He always knew about me. No circumstance in the past, the present, nor the future can separate me from His love.

That is why Enthralled By Love exists. Like the Apostle Paul, I am compelled by the Love of Christ, having known that one died for all and therefore all died, and He died for all so that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and lives again. Therefore, I want to tell others about the wonderful Lord Jesus I have seen and about His Love which has enthralled me so that I no longer live for myself but for Him who died for me and lives again. I want everyone to know the beautiful God who has saved me and whom I shall delight in with my whole heart and soul for eternity.

Enthralled By Love is not about me, but about the God I’ve known, about His Love (which has enthralled me). I may share about myself, to some small degree, because that is the only way I know to tell of the glories of His Love, but I am not here to tell you what I’ve read in a book, what I heard from someone who heard it from someone else who heard it from yet another person, who may have known it personally. I do not want to share secondhand knowledge of God. There has been more than enough of that already, and I think it is the cause of much bad theology (and bad practice or application). I write, as best as I know how – and it is woefully inadequate – about what God has personally revealed to me of His Son, God Himself, Jesus Christ, and of His amazing Love. Everything here will be bound together by one theme: the centrality and complete sufficiency of the Love of God and the beauty and fullness of Jesus Christ.

This Love of God is far more concrete and far more real than what many people search for instead: new cars, nice houses, temperate living conditions, clothes, food, and so forth. I want to share the real Prosperity Gospel: that Jesus came to gives us abundant life, and this life is in the Son. There is no cost: when once you have tasted the Bread of Life and drunk of the Living Water – that is, when once you have known Jesus – it becomes apparent that all the things of earth that you may lose have no value at all. He will withhold no good thing from you, if you trust in Him. Whether you die in your sleep after more than a century, or whether you die in a torture chamber, that promise – all His promises, for they are all one, and all are Yes and Amen in Jesus the Son – holds true.

Enthralled means to be captured or captivated by something. It is related to the word ‘thrall’ which means to be a prisoner and slave of something or someone, and ‘thraldom’ which is the state of being such a prisoner and slave. I chose it because it conveys the sense of falling in love with something beautiful, of being enamored, and also the sense of being a prisoner and slave.

I am also the creator of two fantasy worlds, Kaarathlon and Areaer, and several novels between them. You can find introductions to the worlds and more about the novels (including excerpts) here: Novels

-Raina Nightingale

Note: I quote primarily from rough memory of multiple different translations of the Bible, so most of my quotations are not from any translation. (If you see a quote and you don’t know where it is from, feel free to contact me or ask in the comments, and I will provide a reference!)

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  1. Wow Raina, I read your kind comment on my blog and had to visit “anything” entitled “ enthralled by love”! Just the titles of your posts are speaking to my heart. It is very late and I am off to bed, but will be back to read what looks like a feast of love. God bless you! Forever be He praised for His Love and Mercy! ❤️


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