Characters from Areaer

Art of all main characters from published novels in the Areaer setting is now here! I will, of course, continue adding art as I get it.

Camilla, Dragon-mage

Camilla, Dragon-mage, Dragonspeaker, Dragonkeeper, Dragonrider of Radiance, and female protagonist of Heart of Fire and the Dragon-mage series, epic slice of life dawndark fantasy.More about Camilla here.

Kario Flameheart

Inked line art of Kario Flameheart, a main character in Heart of Fire: Dragon-Mage Book One by Raina Nightingale, digitally colored
More about Flameheart here

Silmavalien of Treas

Silmavalien with Minth, Dragonrider, dragon, Return of the Dragonriders, DragonBirth, Areaer, Fantasy, Fiction, Raina Nightingale, Midnight RoseMore about Silmavalien Here

Noren of Treas

Noren, Elninya, Return of the Dragonriders, DragonSword, fantasy, fiction, Areaer, Raina Nightingale

More about Noren here.


Keya of the Plains of Arosië

portrait of Keya, rider of Tanz, from DragonWing and DragonSword, Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy, Areaer, fantasy world by Raina Nightingale

More about Keya here.


Faeri of Enyin


More about Faeri here.


Tara-lin of Elethri

More about Tara-lin here.


Alis Luela

rough portrait of Alis Luela, secondary character in Children of the Dryads, in the Legend of the Singer Duology, in the Areaer fantasy setting, by Raina Nightingale; portrait made with ArtbreederMore about Alis here.


green-haired, green-eyed, light-brown skilled elf; Earnril is a friend of Tara-lin from the Legend of the Singer Duology, set in the Areaer fantasy setting by Raina Nightingale

More about Earnrìl here.

Lyan of Elethri

More about Lyan here.

Eldor of Kestrel

Eldor, young man with very dark hair and beard and brown eyes that could almost be hazel; light brown skin

More about Eldor here.


Lirulin, an elf with ruby-red hair, pale skin, and green eyes; character in the Areaer setting by Raina Nightingale; portrait

More about Lìrulin here.


More about Eldazìn here.


portrait of Corostomir, MC of Kindred of the Sea by Raina NightingaleRead more about Corostomir here.

The Ellenari

Firutrilia, the Healer

More about the Ellenari here.

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