Tara-lin, Half-elf and Singer

Tara-lin is the daughter of Eldor, a human warrior of the Valor Hall, and Lìrulin, an elf huntress who fell in love with him. Despite being half-elf (or perhaps because of it; it is hard to understand sometimes what the dryads have to say about the matter), Tara-lin has the rare magic of the elves that comes from the dryads in its strongest form, not seen in lifetimes. She is a Singer.

Tara-lin’s life in the wilderness forests of Elethri where her parents came to live and where she was born is idyllic, and it is certainly her idea of ideal, even if due to the fact that she grows up so quickly for an elf (if somewhat slow for a human) has made it so she has only one friend, and even so she and the young elf Earnrìl aren’t that close. Tara-lin loves the forest and the freedom of the wilderness, and she finds even the elven cities oppressive and she finds that she hates being around a lot of people together or the customs that control and guide interactions in society.

Tara-lin’s greatest fear is the death of her Dad, Eldor. As she grew older, she realized that he, being human, was likely to die long before she and her Mom, and she loves him and does not want to lose him. To make matters worse, he has agreed to do on a dangerous mission, and given that he almost died on a similar mission in the past, when he was at the peak of his youth, Tara-lin is very worried about him now. She intends to go with him, even though she is terrified of adventure and does not want it, since she wants to be with him as long as she can and she believes that her mysterious power of singing to the elements and the world of nature might be what is necessary to keep him from dying.

Tara-lin is kind and compassionate. She is intuitive and impulsive, and she scorns societal norms and laws. She tends to worry about things a lot when she anticipates them, but she is usually decisive and competent when necessary. Due to who and what she is as the Singer, she is very close to the dryads. She is bound by the Pact of the magic she shares with them, and may not commit violence or kill, but she will not let anyone walk over her or anyone she cares about, or stand by when she might be able to do something.

Tara-lin is the protagonist in the Legend of the Singer Duology.

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