Half-elf Tara-lin and Gryphon: Fan Art for Children of the Dryads by Samantha Kroese

Hello everyone! Samantha Kroese made this fan art for Children of the Dryads a while ago, and I just haven’t gotten around to sharing it on here until recently! It is such a pleasure to get fan art!

So here is Tara-lin with a gryphon.

Tara-lin with a gryphon, against a forest backdrop
Fan art by Samantha Kroese

Tara-lin is the half-elf protagonist of Children of the Dryads and Sorceress of the Dryads (The Legend of the Singer Duology). As an elf and Singer, she has some ability to speak with and communicate to the wild animals. This includes gryphons, though she by no means has Alis’ ability to actually speak to and understand them. She has several interactions with gryphons both before and after Alis discovers her talent, and one of these interactions with gryphons is Alis’ inspiration.

Here’s a short quote:

By evening, Tara-lin could tell that the gryphons were tired. Their wings beat slower and sometimes a little unsteadily. She crooned encouragement and gratitude to the beautiful beast who bore her.

Legend of the Singer

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