Epoch of the Promise

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Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen

All the dragon Camri knows is that life is dying. In a bid for immortality, she sets out on a rampage of torment and conquest.

When Cassian and her play-mates explored a cave, they woke a tormented dragon, twisted with unnatural powers. Now Cassian is bonded to Camri as a rider is bonded to a dragon, even while Camri destroys all she knows and loves. There is nothing she can do except try to appease Camri, but sometimes Camri’s atrocities are so horrible they drive Cassian to a defiance she always regrets. Punished by the death and torture of the people and dragons she loves, Cassian wishes to die, but is kept alive by Camri’s magic.

When no kingdom or wizard has been able to stand against Camri, can Cassian see the Promise of relief when it stares her in the face? Or will she commit the greatest of her bonded dragon’s atrocities by her own hand?

When twilight gloom has turned to darkest night, watch for your hope, the long-awaited Promise, for it is in the darkest and coldest of night that the Morning Star rises.”

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Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing

Six years ago, a desperate mother asked Lynn to take care of her baby. The solitary huntress never expected it to be so long-term, but now her loyalty is to Ameriasel.

When Lynn bonds to a dragon, she realizes that she and Ameriasel have to escape from the Servants of the Dragonqueen. But the Servants pursue them relentlessly, believing that Ameriasel is their god’s chosen Priestess. Along with Lauray, a lame woman whose spirit and beliefs rouse confused feelings in Lynn, she and Ameriasel flee into the southern jungles, where only Ameriasel’s awakening gift for speaking to animals keeps them safe.

But Ameriasel’s gift does more than keep them safe. When she bonds to a family of the dangerous wusren and helps a lonely moon dragon form a bond with Lauray that could help both of them to heal, Ameriasel attracts the attention of a lost tribe that believes she might be the one to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Though there is no destiny and there is no fate, sometimes the spirits can give us glimpses of what may come, or even of what will come …”

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Epoch of the Promise: Vision’s Light

The Empire of Hasseleighton stretches ominous wings across Camil, forcing everyone to choose between allegiance or death.

Arendellie’s life is torn apart, as her friends choose fanaticism over living in peace. So when she is given the opportunity to be presented to the Prince’s court as a potential bride, Arendellie takes it, hoping to forget her lost friends and the choices they made in the game of court.

But how can she hide from a conflict that is everywhere and a choice that has been forced on everyone? Or from the light that streams through the cracks of her shattered world?

The choice was never forced on Azshbir. He left the safe seclusion of the mountains to bring a message of hope to the world. But when he is imprisoned on a charge of supporting the Empire’s conquests, Azshbir wishes he had died long ago so he would not leave a pregnant wife to struggle on her own.

Can the vision of his hope shine through the darkness of his despair?

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Introduction to Kaarathlon (World of Epoch of the Promise)

Epoch of the Promise Characters


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