November Updates and Expectations

Hello, everyone!!

I have some big news for today!

Wings of Healing is no longer a Work-In-Progress by any reasonable standard! It is to be a published novel in two days, and it is currently available for preorder under the name Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing. Knights of the Promise and The Three Scrolls are likewise being re-released under the titles Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen and Epoch of the Promise: Vision’s Light respectively, and with the most gorgeous new covers! So if you are interested in complex character novels with a focus on relationships, finding hope and redemption in the darkest places and an unvarnished, not whitewashed approach to dealing with atrocities, and religious experiences, these are the books for you! And if you want stories that deal with darkness without any gory details, I promise you, these are absolutely NOT gory!

You can get them all here or check out this page about the series. You can also check out the Cover Reveal post from last week.

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On the side of the Works-In-Progress, I think I might have 10 of them now, though some are ideas I may never pursue except in odd moods and may never finish! Still, I expect to eventually finish most, if not all, of the Areaer Works-In-Progress. I am somewhat unsure about the new Epoch of the Promise one, because though I’m very interested in it, I don’t know if I’m in a place to write it right now.

I’m not doing #NaNoWriMo. I never have, and for some reason I rarely write that much in November, even though there have been times I could have won #NaNoWriMo twice in a month – just never November! Currently, I have been working mostly on the Lightning WIP, and it is presenting some interesting challenges. I am writing it in 3rd person, as usual, but a slightly different kind of 3rd person than usual, and the nature of the story and my main character – who I really love by the way, I expect this story to be another favourite of mine – presents some unique places to explore and things to discover.

Check out my Works-In-Progress and see monthly progress updates here.

On the reading side of things, I read a few books in October, including Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley, a very interesting read of several genres I rarely pick up: Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, and Christian Fiction. It was fascinating, and a review will be coming sometime! But you all know how slowly I like to process my reads and review them. Especially if they are interesting!

I am also sort of open to review requests, so if you’re looking for that kind of thing, check out my Policies page.

And on the publishing side of things … the next thing I intend to work on is a cover for my short story which will be free: Gryphon’s Escape. That means I probably will not get to Heart of Fire, the first book in my promised next Dragonrider series, until January 2023 at the earliest, and it will more likely be sometime in Spring.

I may also be re-writing my author biography sometime shortly!

Feel free to let me know which of the Epoch of the Promise covers you like best, or which of my Works-In-Progress gets your interest most, or share updates of your own!

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