Epoch of the Promise Cover Reveal

Hello everyone! I have been super busy recently, so I’m not able to provide a book review this week. However, I think the following post and links will explain some of why I have been busy!

I am finally re-releasing Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen and Epoch of the Promise: Vision’s Light (previously Knights of the Promise and The Three Scrolls, but never mind the horrible names that I’m not quite sure how they got in the first place) and publishing Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing for the first time! I told some people who asked that I would get that one out late Summer/Autumn of 2022, so I am not too far behind that schedule!

Anyway, let’s get to those covers. These are the full print wrap-around covers:

full print wraparound cover for Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseenfull print wraparound cover for Epoch of the Promise: Vision's Lightfull wrap around cover for Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing by Raina Nightingale

These will all be available from most retailers (including, but not exclusive to, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo) on November 7th, and they are currently available for preorder from a limited selection of retailers. In addition, I personally hand-formatted the paperbacks and they each have margin art with an individualized motif!

Here are the links:

Dawn Unseen

Vision’s Light

Wings of Healing

I should add a note about order: Dawn Unseen is the first one that I wrote, and it was originally intended to be a standalone. The story itself did not change; I simply got more ideas I wanted to write (which is not a surprise since one of my goals was to write stories that suggested that everyone’s life was worthy of a story, not just a chosen few).

Vision’s Light is sort of a prequel, and helps to set the stage for how the world will be in the main timeline of Dawn Unseen, but the lives of all the major characters are wrapped up by the end, so in that sense it could be read as a standalone.

Wings of Healing is a sequel to Dawn Unseen, following almost exclusively new characters, some of whose names you will have heard if you read Dawn Unseen, but some of which are wholly new. It does also have my current readers’ favourite, Jaryle’s perspective! It relies on Dawn Unseen more than any of the others rely on each other, but it is also the most balanced in terms of the various journeys it tells.

Epoch of the Promise Characters Page

Introduction to Kaarathlon

Main Page for the Epoch of the Promise Novels (not a lot here yet, but there will be, and this is where all related links will appear; this is also where the book descriptions currently live).

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