Hello. This is the page for the Works-In-Progress, often shorted to WIPs. If you want to see the published novels, go here.

Finished WIPs

Epoch of the Promise: Darkness Bright

This one actually should have been here for a long time, but for some reason I forgot! This will be the fourth Kaarathlon/Epoch of the Promise novel to be published, but it is the 3rd to be written. It follows the life journey of Amrath after the end of Dawn Unseen, and is very mystical, personal, and introspective. It needs an edit/proof-read and cover art, and I’m sort of hoping to publish it in Autumn, 2023. Over 200k.

Lìrulin-and-Eldor/Romance Story

This is the story of Lìrulin and Eldor, the elf hunter/huntress and the human Valor Knight who are the parents of Tara-lin (MC of the Legend of the Singer). The synopsis of their quest is told in Children of the Dryads, in Tara-lin’s thoughts. This is the full story of how they met, fell in love, survived Eldor’s desperate mission, and went to Elethri to take a little time away from the world in peace. This is currently my only romance. About 115k. An Areaer standalone. It still needs a title,and I am hoping to publish Spring of 2024.

The In-Progress WIPs

Dragon-mage/Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire is the title of book one. This is the story about a slave who is desperate to be a Dragonrider and discovers she has an extremely powerful magic that has never been seen before. Desperately believes she does not have a destiny. A supporting main character is a girl from the third continent (Galen) who has nothing obviously special about her, but has been chosen by the Obsidian Guardian to be her rider (companion, friend). Heart of Fire is currently available for preorder and will be out on April 16. Book two is Scars of Fire. At 70k in book three. An Areaer tetralogy/four book series.

Dawn-song/Library Story:

This is the story of Dawn-song, a half-elf contemporary of the previous WIP. Little can be said about it, because the premise is a spoiler for early books I’m not ready to release yet, but Dawn-song is an amateur linguist who is obsessed with a story most believe to be a children’s fairy-tale. I call it the library WIP because the opening scene is my MC reading in the library. My MC spends a lot of this one alone, and it is a deep delve into a personal journey and quest. Book one finished, and in need of a cover, blurb, and proof-reading. I am over 20k into book two, and wrote 10k of the end of the last book. I do not have an expected approximate release date. An Areaer trilogy.

Gryphon People

This one is dual PoV with 2 MCs. No romance foreseen. Features two of the Southern Nations and the fall of the Valor Alliance. I’m about 5k words in. Too early to see how many books it will be. No titles yet. An Areaer novel/series.

Lightning/Storm Story

Features Galen, the southern continent of Aneri. Will involve an m/f platonic relationship. MC will have a strong connection to storms/lightning, but starts off exclusively personal stakes and very slice of life. About 30k words in. No titles yet. An Areaer trilogy.

Breaking of the Dragon-sword

This one will have a much better name sometime, but it doesn’t yet. This is the story about the bearer of the Dragon-sword before Noren, the one in whose hands it broke, and his lover. Just started. An Areaer standalone.

The Abourn WIP

It’s not really about Abourn, but it needs some sort of label to start with, and it starts there (and gives us a bit of a view to some aspects of Abournese culture). The story of a minor princess of Abourn who is told there’s evidence her foreign-born beggar-origins husband is a spy for the Valor Alliance. Whatever the truth is, this will uproot all their lives and change the world their children will get to know. Originally intended to be a short story, but I got too interested in the characters and their relationships to keep it even novella length. Very much not epic, and hardly fantasy, though it’s set in my main fantasy world of Areaer. 15k words in.

New World Story

This one is written in 1st person PoV and involves no humans. It is very young and set in a brand-new world, so still in the first stages of developing. I am about 10k words in.

Kaarathlon WIP

This one is about Dormik, Brisia’s brother. Dormik is a side character in Epoch of the Promise: Vision’s Light and this one will be about what happens to him and what he does after he and Brisia separate at the end of Vision’s Light. It will be multi-PoV, but I’ve only just started writing it, and not really sure how to describe much about it.

The Princess WIP

This one is about the princess of a religious kingdom who runs away to become a mage – something not considered strictly against the religion of her people, but totally inappropriate to their princess. It’s partially inspired by some RPG influences, though don’t let me get you wrong – it won’t be litRPG and I’ve never in my life played more than a few sessions of DnD or any similar TTRPG games, so that’s more of an inspiration on the aside. I’m very, very interested in it, but not really sure how it will go. Currently at 15k.

Arcane Spirits #1

This is a novel set in the same world as my short story “Krissela”, to be published in the anthology Apologue of the Immortals by Morian Press. Names of the series and books still undecided, plus I have no idea how many there will be, but this is the story of the characters introduced in Krissela: Krissela, the immortal Arcane Spirit of Stars who takes the shape of a dragon, and her high priestess, Ylsyn, who is now a new mother. At about 5k.

I think this is it. If I’ve missed one, I may add it later, but be aware, progress updates won’t usually be more frequent than once a month. Last date updated: 03/31/2023

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