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Raina Nightingale's Paths of FantasyRaina Nightingale’s Paths of Fantasy


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I (Raina Nightingale) have been writing fantasy since I could write stories with the words I could read (the same time that I started devouring books, too). I now write “slice of life” and epic dawndark fantasy, for fiction lovers interested in rich world-building, characters who feel like real people, and religious experiences. I think giant balls floating in space can have the same magic that fairytales teach us to look for in oak trees and stars. I have a lot of universes and while not all of them have giant balls floating in space, most of them have dragons of one sort or another!

I have two short story/flash fiction pieces that speak to themes that really resonate with who I am: Love’s Choice and Shards of Hope.

You can contact me below or explore my website, which is full of my ramblings on subjects that interest me, and the visual art I do when I’m not writing.