Epoch of the Promise

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The Anidril System

Introduction to Areaer

Characters from Areaer

Places and Cultures of Areaer


Epic Fantasy

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire by Raina Nightingale, a high-epic dragon fantasy with a focus on relationships and minimal violence. Contains a sibling bond, enemies-to-allies, and twists on the chosen one trope.A SLAVE DETERMINED TO RIDE A DRAGON. A CHILD CHOSEN TO RIDE THE OBSIDIAN GUARDIAN.

Camilla has always been told her race is inferior. She cannot use magic. If she bonds to a dragon, she helps doom the dragons to extinction. She has never believed a word of it. She has always known that she can use magic, and she suspects it is the elves who harm the dragons by keeping them to themselves. Now, she is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: a dragon’s clutch is hatching and while she will earn the wrath of her captors if she is caught, she has the chance to see a dragon hatch and perhaps even to Recognize.

Kario’s people have feared dragons since time immemorial. When an unrealistically huge black dragon flies in while she is hunting, she is certain she will die. Instead, her life is changed when Nelexi, Obsidian Guardian of Areaer, chooses her as her final rider. Kario takes the name Flameheart, but she is soon homesick and afraid that she is insufficient to be the partner of a god.

Release Date: April 16th, 2023. Preorder Ebook Select Retailers. The paperback is available. The ebook will be available from Amazon on release date.

Return of the Dragonriders

“Slice of Life” X Epic Fantasy

Return of the Dragonriders by Raina Nightingale, fantasy trilogy, illustrated omnibus edition: DragonBirth, DragonWing, DragonSword. In a world where dragons are hated and feared, a young villager's life is changed forever when she meets a dragon hatchling. A red-winged black dragon flying upwards out of an overflowing volcanic lake.The dragons are extinct. None have been seen in a lifetime, and it is all to the good of the world that the soul-devouring demons are no more.

In a small village in the foothills, a devout girl named Silmavalien and her agnostic fiance, Noren, find two mysterious objects. When an albino dragon hatches in her room and Silmavalien’s soul is bonded to the dragon’s in a song of fire, her world is changed forever. Everything she has been taught is a lie, and everyone she knows is to be feared. Before she can marry Noren, she flees into the wilderness, where the challenge of winter in the mountains almost proves her and Minth’s end.

Noren fears for Silmavalien’s disappearance. When his object hatches the dragon Elninya, just outside the gates of the Oracle’s city, Noren finds his answers, but questions why Silmavalien would not trust him. He half-heartedly tries to find her, while struggling to hide his identity and his growing dragon in kingdoms where to be discovered is to be burned alive. But his fear could turn him into the monster he fears.

No matter how far they run, neither Silmavalien nor Noren can escape the Nightmare that seeks to devour their souls and slay their dragons. But if they accept it, the Gift of the Volcano, born in fire and darkness, will be enough to win their battle.

Contains an exclusive short story and over 40 illustrations.

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DragonBirth, Book One, Return of the Dragonriders, Areaer, Raina Nightingale, Fantasy, Fiction, Dragons

In a world where dragons are considered demons and Dragonriders are hunted and killed as witches…

A devout village-girl, Silmavalien, meets a dragon hatchling and discovers a love she could never have dreamed. At the same time, her world is ripped apart as she discovers the gods she has worshiped and everything she has ever been taught or believed is a monstrous lie. Not knowing what to believe – or even if she can trust her engaged, Noren, with her new secret – she must find a way to care for herself and her dragon, Minth, in a wild and hostile world, a world which only grows stranger as the days pass.

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DragonWingAn age-old war is renewed. The destiny of two Dragonriders and the race of dragons hangs in the balance…

Silmavalien thinks she has found a safe haven. She just wants to raise her dragons and learn how to ride them in peace, but a war is being waged around her and over her, one which will determine not only her fate but that of the dragons, whether she accepts her part in it or not.

On the other side of the mountains, Noren’s dragon has hatched. He determines to find Silmavalien and her dragon, but that is easier said than done, especially in a society where to be found with a dragon is a death sentence. Moreover, he soon discovers that there are other, darker foes who threaten him and his darling Elninya.

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DragonSwordWhen the Obsidian Guardian rises and the Dragon-sword shines again, so will hope to defeat the Nightmare…

Dragonrider Noren has narrowly escaped being burned at the stake. Reunited at last, he and Silmavalien flee northwards. Joined by Onyxalis, a black dragon who believes himself to be the destined Avenger of the Dragons, they must battle their way through the hordes of the Nightmare Lord to the Volcano of Ellen Island. There Onyxalis may receive the power he needs as the Obsidian Guardian, and there the re-forging of the Dragon-sword will be begun.

With the Gift of the Volcano, they will finally have the power to fight the battle before them and even the mightiest of the Nightmare Legion.

Available Now. (List Price in USD: $9.99 Paperback, $3.99 Ebook)

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Legend of the Singer Duology

Friendship High Fantasy

Children of the Dryads

Children of the Dryads by Raina Nightingale, Legend of the Singer Book Two, a no-romance YA fantasy.When her human father, Eldor, a member of an organization of elite warriors dedicated to protecting the Valor Alliance, is called on a mission she does not think he can survive, Tara-lin violates his orders and follows him…

She is a half-elf, born with the long-lost ancestral magic of the elves. With her is Alis, a human girl desperate to avoid a marriage forced on her by her father, a colleague of Eldor, but terrified that gods Tara-lin does not believe exist will cast her into the netherhells for her disobedience. Ahead of them is Eldor’s terrifying destination – Nightshade Castle, haunt of madness and black magic.

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Sorceress of the Dryads


Sorceress of the Dryads by Raina Nightingale, Legend of the Singer Book Two, no-romance fantasy about half-elves, magic, and enchanted forests.The magic of the dryads does not come at a price, but it binds the Singer to the Pact of the forests. To keep her nature or be corrupted.

When the corrupted half-elf Prince Anakrim takes the throne upon the deaths of the aged King and Queen, and promises the elven people the return of their long-lost magic, the forests of Elethri begin to languish…

The dryads and Tara-lin must join their magic as never before to end Anakrim’s menace without violating their natures and further harming the forest. But in the midst of the upheaval, Tara-lin finds herself in a position of influence she never wanted. With the help of the dryads, she must stay true to her own song and lead the elves to discover and nurture their individual magic.

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Other Tales from Areaer (Standalone Novels and Novellas)

Gryphon’s Escape

Cover for Gryphon's Escape by Raina Nightingale, an Areaer Novella from the perspective of a gryphon.In the darkest pits of despair, an animal will bring a chance for a new life.

Sisel is a Gryphon of the Valor Hall, bonded to the Valor Knight Meir. She does not understand human society or why Meir and she have to do most of what they do, but she loves Meir and she accepts that humans are different. She does not need to understand them. Just as even Meir does not understand her.

Until Sisel is asked to pluck information out of the mind of an uncooperative tortured prisoner. She does not understand what she is being asked to do, but when she touches the prisoner’s feelings, she knows that, whatever else is going on, this is insane. Beyond even normal human insanity.

This is a 10k short story from the perspective of a gryphon.

Free from most retailers


The Gifts of Faeri


The Gifts of Faeri, standalone novella, Areaer, Raina Nightingale, prequel to Return of the Dragonriders, fantasyFaeri has something no one else does: the ability to sing power into objects and direct that power to her will. For more than two decades she and the obsidian dragon paired with her, Chrysanthemum, have been traveling Aneri, using her song to give gifts to everyone they come across that will make their lives easier. But then the fabled enemy in the stories, the Nightmare, shows its hand, trying to taint Faeri’s gifts and make them a snare to the souls of those who keep them.

Just when Faeri is convinced that her song is worse than useless,  a conflict with nightmare creatures reveals Chrysanthemum’s fire as a bane to the Nightmare. . .

A prequel to the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy

Release Date: Jan 27nth. Available now. List Price $5.00 Paperback. Free Ebook.




Kindred of the Sea

cover of Kindred of the Sea, fantasy by Raina NightingaleWhen Corostomir and his partner march into battle and find themselves dreaming the dreams of trees, they know that all is not what it seems. . .

The Valor Alliance has declared war on Elethri, naming it haunt of demons and forest of the nightmare. But when the Valor Soldiers are driven back with enchantments of sleep and not with arrows, his partner, Aderan, and their friend soon convince Corostomir that a nation that will not shed the blood of its enemies, let alone that of its own people, cannot be in the thrall of the nightmare. Corostomir and Aderan must now make a difficult decision, one that is forced when the Valor Alliance sends the Army back to attack Elethri, this time by sea instead of land.

Kindred of the Sea is an enchanting tale about the love and intimacy possible in an asexual relationship and a trope-defying Portal Fantasy.

Standalone. (Note: the Illustrated Paperback is not currently available on Amazon, but it available from most other retailers of physical books.)

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Kingdom of Light

Metaphysical/Symbolic Christian Fantasy

Kingdom of Light, Christian Metaphysical Devotional Fantasy by Raina NightingaleA kingdom of darkness where soldiers guard the people against wicked glowstones that attract nightmare monsters and death…

A young girl, terrified of the darkness and drawn to the light. What if the glowstones provide the only protection against the monsters of the dark? What if everything she has ever been told is a lie?

What if the Kingdom of Light is not confined to the afterlife, but can be found even in this world?

With her friends, Louisa discovers that the real world is unlike anything any of them could have ever imagined, and thousands follow…

Available Now. Release date: Sep. 9nth, 2021.



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