Kaarathlon Series

Introduction to Kaarathlon

Knights of the Promise

knights of the promise

The touch of a nine-year-old girl, Cassian, awakens a twisted and tormented dragon from a spell of oblivion to rain destruction upon the world. A young orphan boy, Jaryle, is chosen to call the people, from the mighty King Faarwhey to the prisoners in his dungeon, to turn to the Creator, for the fullfillment of the long-awaited yet-all-but-forgotten Promise is at hand. His visions of Kathreen Alarion, a Dragon-rider and Wizard who lived in a different time on another continent offer insight and perspective for his own life and the events of the war-torn world around him. Meanwhile Amrath, embittered and traumated by her own tragedy, flees for her life from the wrath of the Dragonqueen, the bloodthirsty goddess of the age. Is she called to join Jaryle in his mission as Herald and Knight of the Promise?

In the midst of all this, the Promise is to be fullfilled. Seeming disaster and failure are proven to be in accord with the prophecies and the very fullfillment of the Promise.

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The Three Scrolls

Arendellie’s best friend, Kathreen, has left her to proclaim the Promise. Deeply disturbed, she leaps at a chance to become Queen of Camil Hasseleighton, hoping to leave behind her past life and all memory of the Promise in the complexity and excitement of court intrigue, but a scroll given her by Kathreen has the power to change her life completely.

Azshbir, another friend of Kathreen Alarion, is thrown into prison. While struggling with the greatest despair he has ever known, he is gifted what may be the greatest prophetic vision yet given to the People of the Promise.

Brisia is rescued by Kathreen when her mother is taken by the soldiers of Camil Hasseleighton. Her child-like approach to reality allows her to see things others miss, but as she grows older and reads the scroll left to her by Kathreen, she learns more about the Creator and His Promise – or does she only learn how to better say what she knows?

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Introduction to Areaer

Return of the Dragonriders



In a world where dragons are considered demons and Dragonriders are hunted and killed as witches…

A devout village-girl, Silmavalien, meets a dragon hatchling and discovers a love she could never have dreamed. At the same time, her world is ripped apart as she discovers the gods she has worshipped and everything she has ever been taught or believed is a monstrous lie. Not knowing what to believe – or even if she can trust her engaged, Noren, with her new secret – she must find a way to care for herself and her dragon, Minth, in a wild and hostile world, a world which only grows stranger as the days pass.

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Theme Poem


DragonWingAn age-old war is renewed. The destiny of two Dragonriders and the race of dragons hangs in the balance…

Silmavalien thinks she has found a safe haven. She just wants to raise her dragons and learn how to ride them in peace, but a war is being waged around her and over her, one which will determine not only her fate but that of the dragons, whether she accepts her part in it or not.

On the other side of the mountains, Noren’s dragon has hatched. He determines to find Silmavalien and her dragon, but that is easier said than done, especially in a society where to be found with a dragon is a death sentence. Moreover, he soon discovers that there are other, darker foes who threaten him and his darling Elninya.

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Theme Poem


DragonSwordWhen the Obsidian Guardian rises and the Dragon-sword shines again, so will hope to defeat the Nightmare…

Dragonrider Noren has narrowly escaped being burned at the stake. Reunited at last, he and Silmavalien flee northwards. Joined by Onyxalis, a black dragon who believes himself to be the destined Avenger of the Dragons, they must battle their way through the hordes of the Nightmare Lord to the Volcano of Ellen Island. There Onyxalis may receive the power he needs as the Obsidian Guardian, and there the re-forging of the Dragon-sword will be begun.

With the Gift of the Volcano, they will finally have the power to fight the battle before them and even the mightiest of the Nightmare Legion.

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Legend of the Singer Duology

Children of the Dryads

When her human father, Eldor, a member of an organization of elite warriors dedicated to protecting the Valor Alliance, is called on a mission she does not think he can survive, Tara-lin violates his orders and follows him…

She is a half-elf, born with the long-lost ancestral magic of the elves. With her is Alis, a human girl desperate to avoid a marriage forced on her by her father, a colleague of Eldor, but terrified that gods Tara-lin does not believe exist will cast her into the netherhells for her disobedience. Ahead of them is Eldor’s terrifying destination – Nightshade Castle, haunt of madness and black magic.

Not yet available. Will be released on June 3rd.



Other Tales from Areaer (Standalone Novellas)

The Gifts of Faeri


The Gifts of Faeri, Raina Nightingale, Areaer, Prequel to Return of the Dragonriders, Standalone Free NovellaFaeri has something no one else does: the ability to sing power into objects and direct that power to her will. For more than two decades she and the obsidian dragon paired with her, Chrysanthemum, have been traveling Aneri, using her song to give gifts to everyone they come across that will make their lives easier. But then the fabled enemy in the stories, the Nightmare, shows its hand, trying to taint Faeri’s gifts and make them a snare to the souls of those who keep them.

Just when Faeri is convinced that her song is worse than useless, and she needs to stop using it, a conflict with nightmare creatures reveals Chrysanthemum’s fire as a bane to the Nightmare. . .

A prequel to the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy

Release Date: Jan 27nth.

Will be available as free Ebook or as PDF for download from this site.

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