Review Policy

I review books solely at my discretion. These reviews may or not be considered positive by the author or readers. If I have received a review copy and I cannot or do not intend to provide a review before the requested date, I will attempt to contact the person from whom I received the review copy; however, this is not to be construed as a guarantee of successful contact.

I currently do not have time to pick up new review requests. However, here are a few guidelines for when I might be ready come Fall or Winter.

I read:

Fantasy – for clarification, I generally prefer stories that are set in a world that is not our own. I am open to lots of magic, no magic, very well defined magic, or soft magic. I am open to worlds with no humans, worlds with traditional fantasy races, worlds with untraditional or original fantasy races, worlds with only humans, and worlds inspired or based on historical periods or places. I might read Urban Fantasy, if it is good fit in other ways or grabs my attention, but it is not my preferred genre. I particularly enjoy dragons that are not sheer evil monsters (but this does not make any book with dragons in it an instant read).

I may read:

Historical Fiction – for clarification, this means fiction inspired by historical times or places, but not set in this world. I am open to varying closeness of the fictional world to the historical period or place that inspired it, but if it is supposed to be set in this world, I will probably not enjoy it. This is not a strict no.

Science Fiction – for clarification, I do not enjoy many science fiction elements or tropes. However, the presence of space ships or advanced technology is not an instant turn-off. If other elements of a book appeal to me, I may enjoy it despite being Sci-Fi.

Dark/Grimdark – for clarification, this is probably going to be one of the hardest ones for other people to match my tastes. I don’t have space in my life for reading books I will find overly depressing or disturbing. However, a great deal of character death, complex characters with mixed or even evil motivations, and an exploration of trauma do not, in and of themselves, constitute a no-go.


Last update: 2/7/2022

Privacy Policy

I do not and will not sell any information gathered via enthralledbylove.com or your traffic on the aforementioned site. I will not publish or distribute publicly the e-mail addresses or IP addresses gathered when you comment. If you comment on a public post, the name and comment you provide will be published and available to the public as a comment on the post. If you use a contact form, I will keep your information private, to be used solely for the purpose of providing a response, unless you expressly grant permission or ask me to distribute it, in which case I may, at my sole discretion, distribute it in whatever ways you request and grant permission. Whenever you comment publically or use the Contact Forms, you grant me permission to keep the name, e-mail address, IP address, and content you enter for the purpose of contacting and responding to you, and in the case of a public comment, for the purpose of displaying the name and the content of your comment as a comment on my website.

Raina Nightingale's Paths of Fantasy; blog posts about fiction, fantasy, art, and book reviews. Adventure awaits.

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Raina Nightingale's Paths of Fantasy; blog posts about fiction, fantasy, art, and book reviews. Adventure awaits.

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Raina Nightingale's Paths of Fantasy; blog posts about fiction, fantasy, art, and book reviews. Adventure awaits.

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