Arcane Spirits

This world does not have a name. It is just a world, the world to those who live there.

It’s a world of mountains and deserts, oceans and forests, plains and rivers, that exists in a sort of nexus of the Realms of the Arcane Spirits, but is separate from them. There are a great many Arcane Spirits, whom are worshiped as gods by many mortals, though some of them choose not to interact.

All magic in the world comes from the Arcane Spirits, who each have a realm associated with them, and an animal associated with them, which is the form in which they appear, though some of these animals have long been extinct. When an Arcane Spirit wishes to materially interact with a human, or grant a human magic, the Spirit will create a link with that human, thereby creating a Spiritborn. Spiritborn have the ability to take on the form of their Spirit, though their abilities are much more limited than their Spirit’s, and they can only shift under certain circumstances: Dragonborn, who are the Spiritborn of Krissela, the Arcane Spirit of Stars, can only shift at night. The children of Spiritborn are always Spiritborn to the same Spirit, and Spiritborn never mate with Spiritborn to a different Spirit, though they will mate with Spiritborn to the same Spirit (for example, a Dragonborn might mate with a human or another Dragonborn, but never with a Wolfborn).

The Arcane Spirits are absolutely immortal. At least, they cannot tell that they are aging in any way, and despite the fact that there have been devastating wars and feuds between various Spirits, none of them have ever been killed, or even injured. However, perhaps their greatest limitation, is that they are only awake for 9/10ths of the time. Each Arcane Spirit has a cycle, during which they are awake for a long time, and then essentially comatose, unable to act (though they can dream some of what their Spiritborn experience, they cannot otherwise observe the world).

In terms of their personalities, the Arcane Spirits are very much like human beings: they are capable of both good and evil, and of changing drastically, though they will keep some traits of their personality.

My first story set in the world of the Arcane Spirits is “Krissela”, a short story from the perspective of the Arcane Spirit of Stars, and has been accepted for Morian Press‘s up-coming anthology, Apologue of the Immortals. One of my current Works-In-Progress is a much longer work (or will be; as I write this, it isn’t) featuring the characters introduced in Krissela as well at least one other main character!

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