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Spotlight Sample for Obsidian: Awakening by Sienna Frost (No Happy Ending)

Hello, you all! Everyone who's found this because of my irregular Noblebright Spotlight series might be in for a little bit of a shock, though it might not be that much of one if you read the last part of the title (or have been following my musings and reviews for a while): Obsidian: Awakening …

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#IndiePride: Raina Nightingale – Kindred of the Sea

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Kindred of the Sea by Raina Nightingale. #IndiePride

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Kindred of the Sea by Raina Nightingale.

When Corostomir and his partner march into battle and find themselves dreaming the dreams of trees, they know that all is not what it seems. . .

The Valor Alliance has declared war on Elethri, naming it haunt of demons and forest of the nightmare. But when the Valor Soldiers are driven back with enchantments of sleep and not with arrows, his partner, Aderan, and their friend soon convince Corostomir that a nation that will not shed the blood of its enemies, let alone that of its own people, cannot be in the thrall of the nightmare. Corostomir and Aderan must now make a difficult decision, one that is forced when the Valor Alliance sends the Army back to attack Elethri, this time by sea instead of land.

Kindred of the Sea is an enchanting tale about the…

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Indie Author Blog Tag

Greetings, this Monday! Some of you may be unaware that I am an independently published author of several fantasy novels. Others of you doubtless already know this. Anyway, I occasionally do Blog Tags, and I decided to do this Indie Author Blog Tag by R.M Archer (https://rmarcher.com/2021/11/indie-author-blog-tag-and-giveaway-winner-announcements/). I discovered it on E.G Bella’s blog (https://egbella.com/2021/11/19/indie-author-blog-tag/). …

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The Gods and the One Who is Not Challenged

Early on, the majority of those who confessed Jesus to be the Son of God, crucified and risen again, decided that there were no gods, that all the gods of the Pagans were either figments of their imagination or demons from hell, and that anyone was a heretic who acknowledged the existence of governing spirits …

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Guest Post: Raina Nightingale & Kingdom of Light — Mariella Hunt

Louisa’s village – and the entire known kingdom – lives in complete darkness, using crude torches for what light they must have, and sleeping and going about their work either in the poor light of the torches or in complete darkness.Guest Post: Raina Nightingale & Kingdom of Light — Mariella Hunt

Never Have I Ever - Writers' Edition - Blog Tag

Never Have I Ever – Writers’ Edition – Blog Tag

This tag was created by Bree at The Long Voyage, and I decided I'd try it. First of all, the rules: Link and thank the blogger who tagged you (I got this tag from E.G Bella) Include the graphic somewhere in the post (or make your own!) Answer the questions truthfully and honestly. Tag 3 …

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The Gifts of Faeri – Book Review and Author Interview

Julia Witmer, Author

The Gifts of Faeri by Raina Nightingale starts off strong, with opening pages that draw you in and an interesting concept from the very beginning. Coming in at 64 pages, The Gifts of Faeri is a quick and easy but enjoyable read, suitable for a young adult audience (ages 13+, especially for ages 13-18).

I am so glad I got the chance to read and review this book as a part of Raina’s launch – and, on top of that, I also got to interview the author! Stick around for a slightly more in-depth look at the book (which will remain short and to the point, as the book wasn’t horribly long, and I want plenty of room for the author interview), and an interview with Raina herself! Here’s a discription of the story:

The Gifts of Faeri by Raina Nightingale

Faeri has…

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Hi! I'm doing an amazing number of  Blog Posts lately. Julia Witmer tagged me for Lauryn Trimmer's #WritingCommunityBlogAward. Thanks, but this is more than a little different for me. I think I've turned down blogging nominations before. Usually, questions are very difficult, even if answerable, but these I think I can do. Anyway, here are …

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