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Greetings, this Monday!

Some of you may be unaware that I am an independently published author of several fantasy novels. Others of you doubtless already know this. Anyway, I occasionally do Blog Tags, and I decided to do this Indie Author Blog Tag by R.M Archer ( I discovered it on E.G Bella’s blog (


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The Gods and the One Who is Not Challenged

Early on, the majority of those who confessed Jesus to be the Son of God, crucified and risen again, decided that there were no gods, that all the gods of the Pagans were either figments of their imagination or demons from hell, and that anyone was a heretic who acknowledged the existence of governing spirits of nature or other entities of that sort that were neither perfect angels who served before the face of God in Heaven and were His messengers to mankind or demons from hell who were nothing but evil. Continue reading “The Gods and the One Who is Not Challenged”

Blogging and Writing Update

Hello, everyone!

I offer my apologies for my irregular posting. I know there are a lot of you who really look forward to my religious and philosophical thoughts on a lot of things, whether you agree with the greater half of what I have to say or simply find it interesting to see my thoughts on things. I wish I was better at posting regularly. I have half a dozen (it might be more like a full dozen) posts in mind that I really do want to write sometime and share with you all, but unfortunately I’ve been having a rather hard time with writing essays recently.

For anyone interested in my fiction, that is going as well as ever. I am writing three or four novels at a time right now, and I’m really enjoying it, and I’m also working on preparing Sorceress of the Dryads, sequel to Children of the Dryads, the novel I released last June, for publication. For those who enjoy the Kaarathlon Novels, I expect to release another sequel to Knights of the Promise sometime around the summer of 2022. The novel (The Wings of Healing) is written, but such large novels take more time to edit and proofcopy, and I just released The Three Scrolls this last spring.

I hope I will pull my head out of my novels and write an essay or two for you all this month. I have so many I really want to write, but somehow I’m currently much better at writing fiction than essays. If any of you want to check out my fiction, I regret to inform you that I don’t have any free stories from the Kaarathlon Universe available yet, but you can check out my Short Stories on my Resources and Favorites Page, and I have a novella from the Areaer Universe that you can get as a PDF here, or buy as a free ebook (available also in Paperback for those who want that).

As a teaser, here’s a few of the topics I have in mind:

The rejection of the gods by the Christians

Teaching vrs. Preaching, or the difference between setting oneself up as someone who knows and ought to be considered, if not outright believed, and simply sharing one’s thoughts as broadly as possible

Being freed from both guilt and merit

The Gifts of Faeri – Book Review and Author Interview

Julia Witmer, Author

The Gifts of Faeri by Raina Nightingale starts off strong, with opening pages that draw you in and an interesting concept from the very beginning. Coming in at 64 pages, The Gifts of Faeri is a quick and easy but enjoyable read, suitable for a young adult audience (ages 13+, especially for ages 13-18).

I am so glad I got the chance to read and review this book as a part of Raina’s launch – and, on top of that, I also got to interview the author! Stick around for a slightly more in-depth look at the book (which will remain short and to the point, as the book wasn’t horribly long, and I want plenty of room for the author interview), and an interview with Raina herself! Here’s a discription of the story:

The Gifts of Faeri by Raina Nightingale

Faeri has…

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I’m doing an amazing number of  Blog Posts lately. Julia Witmer tagged me for Lauryn Trimmer’s #WritingCommunityBlogAward. Thanks, but this is more than a little different for me. I think I’ve turned down blogging nominations before. Usually, questions are very difficult, even if answerable, but these I think I can do. Anyway, here are the rules: Continue reading “#WritingCommunityBlogAward”

The Sovereignty of God Glorified in Human Freedom

God is in control. No one can thwart His purposes. No one can hold back His hand or say to Him, “What have You done?” Whatever happens, happens because He has willed it so.

Amazing, right?

Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the ruler over everything that happens, in all its largeness, in all its smallness.

This is glorious. This is wonderful. It is part of what it means that God is God. It is what we mean when we say that God is King over all the earth.

God did not just create things like rocks or trees, which simply exist – because He sustains them – and can do neither right nor wrong. God also created angels and humans, beings to whom He gave the amazing power to do right or to do wrong, to love or to hate, ultimately, the choice whether they would love Him or love themselves. He gave them wills, for the purpose that they should love Him, adore Him, and that He should share His divine life and joy with them, but with the very real possibility that they would rebel, loving and adoring themselves instead, and preferring self-contained death and misery to Him. Continue reading “The Sovereignty of God Glorified in Human Freedom”

What Jesus’ Words Mean in the Context of the Holiness of God

God is holy. That does not just mean that He is pure and sinless. It does not even just mean that He is righteous. God’s holiness means that He is pure, sinless, and righteous, but it is more than that. God’s holiness means that He is completely Other. He is Himself and completely unlike any of His creation (there is a kind of likeness between God and His creation, but I cannot go into that here, and I believe that that is just another way in which God is so holy, so other, so completely unlike His creation, that even that statement must be qualified).

Generally, we associate light with holiness. The Bible also does this and there is great truth in it, but so that we may see how far beyond our thoughts is the reality of God’s holiness, God also gives us images of darkness and destruction for His holiness. Continue reading “What Jesus’ Words Mean in the Context of the Holiness of God”