Art for HEART OF FIRE: Sylvara, Rider of Shimmer

Hello! It is another Art Saturday for Heart of Fire, with another character portrait drawn by yours truly.

Character Portrait of Sylvara, minor character in Heart of Fire, book one of the Dragon-Mage series.
Sylvara, Rider of Shimmer

Sylvara, like Camilla, was born and grew up in the forests of Ilesh, one of many human slaves kept by the Wood Elves of Ilesh. She is about the same age as Camilla, and has always been a thorn in the other girl’s side, as she has often tattled on her (and others) to gain favor. She is snitching on Camilla (well, finding out what she is doing first) when the other girl sneaks down to watch the dragons hatch, and she also ends up being chosen by a dragon: the silver Shimmer. Even though Camilla has no idea why, because to her a lying, pretending, cowardly snitch like Sylvara who betrays her own is even worse than some of the elves.

Though Sylvara is a minor character, why she is who she is and wants what she wants, and how such a transforming empathic bond with another creature may – or may not – change someone like her is something that will be explored throughout the Dragon-Mage series.

Heart of Fire comes out April 16th, 2023, and you can preorder it here. The ebook is on 99cent presale through March from most retailers (and will be made available through Amazon on the release date). The paperback is also available for preorder.

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