Lìrulin, Elf Huntress

Lìrulin was born in the elven city of Kaslìr in southern Elethri. As a young elf (only about one hundred) she left to make her life in the wilderness, relying entirely upon her own skills and, sometimes, the help of the dryads. Living alone, though she often wandered through lands civilized by humans, she met many dryads and was taught herblore by them and counted a friend by them. Her herblore and her skill with a bow are matched by few, as is her skill in sneaking, not being noticed and leaving no traces, both in woodland and city environments.

Her wandering eventually took her across the path of Eldor, a warrior of the Valor Hall on a desperate mission into the Icecrown Mountains. She fell in love with him and joined him on his mission to be with him and protect him. When they completed it, she took him with her into the forests of Elethri and made a home there. There she bore Tara-lin, and the three of them lived together until Tara-lin was nearly full-grown, sharing a quiet life in the woods of Elethri, foraging and hunting and enjoying life.

Lìrulin is full of energy and zest for life. She has no concept of duty or even morality as such, but she regularly behaves in altruistic ways (though by some people’s standards, she is horribly amoral and a wretched criminal – or at least, she would be, if she had ever been caught). The one love of her life is the human Eldor. Lìrulin does not believe in religious laws or customs. She worships Shallim-Araldor, of whom she learned from the dryads, but whatever this worship entails, it does not have any customs associated with it and she is loath to talk about it directly, even with her mate Eldor.

Lìrulin appears in both books of the Legend of the Singer Duology. She is also the main character, along with Eldor, of a story I’m currently writing about how they met, fell in love, and survived.

Posts about Lìrulin:

Portrait of Lìrulin, Elf Huntress and Mother of Tara-lin

Lirulin, an elf with ruby-red hair, pale skin, and green eyes; character in the Areaer setting by Raina Nightingale; portrait
Approximate portrait of Lìrulin.


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