Noren, Rider of Elninya

Noren is a boy who lives in the village of Treas in the foothills of the Greater Aravin Mountains. He is on the cusp of being considered a man, only having to undergo the ritual hunt and ceremony of manhood before he will be considered a man and be able to marry Silmavalien, his childhood friend. His relationship with her is as much friendship as romance, though he is truly attracted to her and only her, even when later events challenge the way he feels about her and his commitments. He is currently involved in teaching her everything about hunting, from making bows and arrows, to the practice and everything that follows.

Noren is a skeptic. He isn’t very loud or vocal about his skepticism, but he sees no reason to believe in gods or demons – or dragons – though he does not know they don’t exist either. He is frustrated by Silmavalien’s blind devotion and hopes to convince her to ask questions, however slowly. Her religious fervor is not going to lead her anywhere good, in his opinion.

Noren is the rider of the female albino dragon, Elninya. With Silmavalien, he is a protagonist of the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy, though he is more prominent in the second two: DragonWing and DragonSword.

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Character Art of Noren and Elninya (Art for the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy

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