Silmavalien, Dragon-mother, Rider of Minth

Silmavalien is a village-girl from Treas, a small village in the foothills of the Aravin Mountains, populated by a people in the process of turning from a hunter-gatherer, semi-nomadic society into a more agricultural one. She is a devout believer in the gods and religions she has been taught and has never doubted anything. She is engaged to her childhood friend, Noren of Treas, who is teaching how to shoot and hunt and all the craft associated with that, arts that are not taboo for women, but which few women learn. Their romance is as much a friendship as a romance, though he is the only one who will ever have her heart in a romantic way.

When she meets the albino dragon hatchling, Minth, and bonds to him, Silmavalien’s world is turned entirely upside-down, since one of the things she was always taught was that dragons are demons. She does not know if she can even trust Noren, or if she can risk it, as her life and Minth’s are at stake if she is wrong. They will be burned alive if they are discovered.

Silmavalien is kind, gentle, and nurturing, strong, devoted, and often naïve. She does not give up easily, but all she wants is a world that is not so cruel. A world where she and everyone she loves can live together in peace without fear.

Silmavalien is the main protagonist in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy.

Posts about Silmavalien:

Silmavalien and Minth (Art for DragonBirth, Book One in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy)

Silmavalien with Minth, Dragonrider, dragon, Return of the Dragonriders, DragonBirth, Areaer, Fantasy, Fiction, Raina Nightingale, Midnight Rose
Silmavalien and the dragon hatchling, Minth

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