Silmavalien and Minth (Art for DragonBirth, Book One in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy)

It’s been about a month since my last post, so here is a post for a piece of art I did quite a long time ago! Actually, I did it along with a very kind friend, who drew the picture for me, since I am not very good at drawing faces! In fact, I am horrible at it, but I helped draw the dragon, and the coloring is mine! I am currently working on another picture or two, but it’s sometimes a very slow process, and I want to catch up anyways!

Today’s – or this month’s — featured picture is of Silmavalien and baby Minth.

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Silmavalien and the dragon hatchling, Minth

Minth hatches to Silmavalien in her room in DragonBirth, part one of the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy. She has to hide him from the rest of the village, since in Treas people believe that Dragonriders are witches and that dragons are demons, and the penalty for being a witch or a demon is to be burned alive. He’s an albino dragon and he has a variety of problems, so she does her best to take care of him and hide him, and eventually he gets too big and she decides that she has to take her chances in the wilderness. Fortunately, she knows how to hunt and mostly take care of herself because her engaged, Noren, taught her. To Silmavalien and Minth, life has no meaning apart from their love for each other, and Minth is so cute. He is so cute, in fact, that I am going to show you two snippets with him from DragonBirth!

Minth was silent. He snaked his head out and looked into her face. It was as if he were asking her why she had stopped singing. He wanted to listen to her song and sing with her. Why had she stopped singing? Silmavalien understood all this through the indissoluble bond that existed between them as Dragonrider and dragon. “Minth,” she said, speaking out loud for no particular reason, “I can’t really. I have been awake, working, since yesterday morning. It has been a long time and I still want to get farther up and away today, and hunt some food for us so we don’t starve.”

Minth opened his mouth and crowed what had to be an affirmative though it did not exactly sound like one. It was a strange, clacking, drawn-out noise.

And here’s another . . .

Still clumsy and awkward, Minth waddled off to the edge of the dell. Silmavalien called after him, “You can dig a hole and bury it if you like. That might be easiest. Just make sure you do it somewhere out of the way where I’m not likely to step on it.” The images that flowed across their mental connection told him what she meant.

At the sound of her voice Minth looked back at her. He lost his balance and rolled over. She laughed. “Just practice, and you’ll be doing so much better in less time than you’ll know.”

Minth winked at her. He was so adorable, lying on his back, belly exposed, wing splayed wide, talons held out. He made her just want to hug him. Then he rolled over and scrambled back onto his feet. He looked at her again and flicked his ears. Then he trod on.

I like this last paragraph so much! It gives one such a clear image of the little dragon and the way he relates to Silmavalien. He is so cute.

Excerpts taken from DragonBirth, Copyright © 2014 Raina Nightingale

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