Dragonsong Vale (Art for the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy)

Hi. Some of you may have heard that I’ve been working on a coloured pencil piece for a while now. It’s not quite perfect. If I’m to get much better, I’m going to need to use slightly higher quality paper, since the paper I’m using is too inconsistent to allow for really smooth application of the pencil. It’s pretty amazing though, I think! Here, behold, Dragonsong Vale!

a dark-haired rider on a blue dragon with green wings in a tree. Background: forest fading into distance, with three dragons, one red, one purple, and one green and yellow flying over it; further back, mountains, and a blue sky with a few clouds in it
Dragonsong Vale

Dragonsong Vale lies between the Greater and Lesser Aravin Mountain Ranges. It is the location of one of three exits of the Riders’ Passage, and of the Vale of Aros Cor, a place of magical hot springs and healing herbs. Dragonsong Vale is populated by deciduous trees the size of sequoias, and it is a sanctuary of the dragons and Dragonriders, the place where they gather and grow, where they lay their eggs and raise their young. As such, it is appropriately named Dragonsong, for it is probably the one place on Areaer where one has a reasonable expectation of hearing a singing dragon during the day (or night). Silmavalien and Noren visit Dragonsong Vale in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy (DragonSword, to be precise).

Here’s an excerpt from DragonSword:

The tired and hungry dragons flew down the valley and descended into the warmer air below. It was still colder than the Riders’ Passage had been, and very chilling.

As they descended it became clearer just how large the trees were. Most of them were bare and they were not conifers, but they were as large, as thick and as tall, as the largest of the sequoias Silmavalien and Keya had seen in the Steep Descent. The meadows were also large, and it was with minimal difficulty that Onyxalis found a place where he could land. He, however, was the one dragon who was not hungry, for there had been plenty of rock for him to eat in the Riders’ Passage.

Excerpted from DragonSword, Copyright © 2019 Raina Nightingale

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