Earnrìl, Elf Gryphon Rider

Earnrìl was born in the forests of Elethri. Despite their vast age difference, she became friends with Tara-lin and she was able to adjust as Tara-lin grew much more rapidly than anyone she had ever known so their friendship could grow with Tara-lin and continue.

Earnrìl likes animals and the sea. She is thoughtful and asks questions about things. Earnrìl is generally cheerful and happy. For the generally somewhat reclusive wood elves, she is not shy. Instead, she is relatively bold and outgoing. Her first gryphon is a female named Welri.

Earnrìl appears in both books of the Legend of the Singer Duology, though she has a much more prominent place in Book Two, Sorceress of the Dryads.

Posts about Earnrìl:

Portrait of Earnrìl, Elf Friend of Tara-lin, from the Legend of the Singer Duology

green-haired, green-eyed, light-brown skilled elf; Earnril is a friend of Tara-lin from the Legend of the Singer Duology, set in the Areaer fantasy setting by Raina Nightingale
Artbreeder Portrait of Earnrìl

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