Portrait of Earnrìl, Elf Friend of Tara-lin, from the Legend of the Singer Duology

I usually do not post this many art posts right on top of each other, but this week end/beginning of the week is special because Sorceress of the Dryads comes out tomorrow! So here is another Artbreeder portrait (though I usually prefer more personalized art) of Earnrìl, Tara-lin’s elf friend. Earnrìl is also Tara-lin’s oldest friend. The portrait was beautifully photoshopped by a friend to improve some things I couldn’t get right in Artbreeder.

green-haired, green-eyed, light-brown skilled elf; Earnril is a friend of Tara-lin from the Legend of the Singer Duology, set in the Areaer fantasy setting by Raina Nightingale
Artbreeder Portrait of Earnrìl

Earnrìl is a young elf who grew up in the wilderness forests of Elethri. When Tara-lin was a toddler, the much older elf child played with her, and as Tara-lin grew older, Earnrìl’s relationship with her grew and developed. Earnrìl is drawn to the sea, and she would often take Tara-lin with her on rides down to the sea. When Tara-lin returns to Elethri after the events of Children of the Dryads, and it becomes clear to everyone that, while still young and in many ways a child, she is also older than they thought at first, her and Earnrìl’s relationship blossoms in a new way. She often shares her thoughts with Tara-lin and helps Tara-lin to work through things in her life.

Earnrìl is also the eventual rider of the gryphon female, Welri. Here is a very short snippet:

Half a day’s ride from an elven seaside city, the four (seven including the gryphons) stood on a promontory, overlooking the sea. Tree branches arced high over their heads. Before them was a ragged, rocky, line of cliffs. Beyond that lay the sea, dark but streaked with light as it moved under the moon. In the east, beyond the sea, dawn glowed along the horizon.

“This is one of my favorite things in the world,” said Earnrìl. “I feel like I like both the dawn and the sea more than most elves do.”

Excerpt taken from Sorceress of the Dryads Copyright ©2022 Raina Nightingale

Cover Reveal for Sorceress of the Dryads (See here for the schedule of posts leading up to the release and more information.)

Legend of the Singer

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