Cover Reveal for Sorceress of the Dryads

Read on for some updates and what to expect. But first I want to show you the COVER!! I’ve been waiting so long!

Sorceress of the Dryads is the second novel in the Legend of the Singer Duology set on the fantasy planet, Areaer.

The Overview:

The magic of the dryads does not come at a price, but it binds the Singer to the Pact of the forests. To keep her nature or be corrupted.

When the corrupted elven prince, Anakrim, takes the throne in the aftermath of the deaths of King Orenduil and Queen Alaria and promises the elven people the return of their long-lost magic, the forests of Elethri begin to languish…

The dryads and Tara-lin must join their magic as never before to end his menace in a way consistent with their natures and the healing of the forests. In the midst of the upheaval, Tara-lin finds herself in a position of influence she never wanted. With the help of the dryads, she must find and stay true to her song and try to lead the elves to discover and nurture their individual magic.

If you want to find out more about the series, you can go here, where I explain a little of how I came to write it and some aesthetics for the settings! If you just want to preorder, you can here.

But that is not all! From now until the release date on February 22nd, I plan to post a new piece of art, along with an excerpt and some explanation, every Saturday. More information, and links to each post as it goes live, will be added here, so bookmark this page to come back to every week if you’re at all interested!

I am also still working on the final edits with my editor. I cannot be sure of the exact date I will be done with those, but when I do, I will upload the content and the novel should become available for preorder at all retailers. I will announce when that happens here and make an update post about it, as well. The paperback is also as yet unavailable, for various reasons, including that I am very short on funds. When I can, I will make that available and let you all know!

Update: The paperback will be available. Preorders should do live at any time, and I will come back with another update when I’ve verified that they are live, whether or not that happens before the release on February 22nd.

Here’s the lineup for the next five weeks. As each post goes live, it will become an active link.

January 15: “Golden on the Wings of Eternity” written in Elethrian and Elethrian characters.

January 22: Eldazìn, elf Edge of Night

January 29: Alis, gryphon rider of Kushon and best friend of Tara-lin

February 5: Tara-lin, half-elf and Singer, protagonist

February 12: Eldor, Tara-lin’s human father

February 19: Lìrulin, Tara-lin’s elf mother

February 20: Frélin, Capitol of Elethri

February 21: Earnrìl, elf friend of Tara-lin

February 22: Any release updates and specials!

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