Towers and Terraces of Frèlin (Art for the Legend of the Singer Duology)

Today, I am showing some concept art I made for Frèlin, the capitol city of Elethri. These are some of my initial pieces learning how to do digital art (made with a program that was not really made for art and that I was already pushing to its limits). Nonetheless, I think they turned out very good in their own way.

Towers of Frèlin at night

Frèlin, the Capitol of Elethri, is nestled in the foothills of the Malaitha Mountains, built around a ridge carved into terraces. The towers and buildings, some of them with colored roots, are topped by orbs that glow at night and boast beautiful patterns during the night, like most of the cities of Elethri. However, its towers are unique. The Palace itself boasts the tallest tower on the highest terrace, and many towers dot the various terraces and the lowest level. At night, they can be seen against the mountains and the stars.

Frèlin might not be considered a city by some standards, having a population of between about six and eight thousand.

Terraces of Frèlin

Water lies at the back of the terraces of Frèlin. Some of these lakes are very small and shallow, while some of them are quite wide and deep. Boats are moored at the bridges over the larger ones, and the elves can row about on them at pleasure. White bridges, often hung with moss or water-loving vines, span the terraces, and stairways, sometimes zig-zagged, rise up the terraces with the earth held up by retaining walls. Everywhere, different kinds of life flourish according to the season, from various types of deciduous and evergreen trees, conifer and otherwise, which make the homes of many of the elves, to herbal gardens, wild flowers, and climbing vines, plants that live in swamps, or in water itself, or in well-drained or rocky soil thriving here or there. Fruit-bearing trees and plants, and tended gardens for fruit or vegetables, can also be found.

Frèlin appears in both Children of the Dryads and Sorceress of the Dryads.

Cover Reveal for Sorceress of the Dryads (See here for the schedule of posts leading up to the release and more information.)

Legend of the Singer

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