Faeri, Enchanter, Rider of Chrysanthemum

Faeri was born in the village of Enyin, which sits on the Green Sea in Aneri. Some of her family were immigrants, generations past, who somehow found their way across the Great Sea from Ellenesia, bringing with them a ceremonial sword which became a family heirloom Faeri eventually inherited. Her yellow eyes and hair with green and yellow highlights are unique.

As a child, Faeri discovered that she could sing enchantments into objects. She was chosen by the Obsidian Dragon, Chrysanthemum, to be Chrysanthemum’s first – and only – rider, and found all her relational needs satisfied in the relationship. She spent most of her life traveling Aneri, using her song to make enchantments for people to make their lives easier. Eventually, she was asked to do something daring to save someone’s life, and the Nightmare made an appearance in her life, trying to corrupt her enchantments. Faeri is deeply afraid that she should never have tried to help, and that maybe the Nightmare has her own soul in its dominion. A peace-loving soul partnered to a peace-loving Obsidian Dragon, Faeri is distressed that her gifts are becoming a cause for war and that she is no longer sancrosanct, exempt from the wars and feuds that brew between many of the peoples and settlements of Aneri.

Much to Chrysanthemum’s annoyance, Faeri usually either half-worships her or is afraid that Chrysanthemum is keeping secrets from her.

Faeri is thoughtful and reserved. She usually likes to think things out a little and not be forced to act on impulse. Trying new things is not her favorite pastime. She is considerate and altruistic, but a lot of people might find her cold. She tends to be uninterested in religious beliefs (sometimes bordering on the dismissive) and practices and ask what they are to her, at the same time that she holds some religious sentiments and draws certain distinctions that she cannot have gotten any other way. She cares about people deeply, but she does not find it easy or necessary to her well-being to make deep, lasting emotional connections apart from her bond with Chrysanthemum.

A corrupted version of Faeri’s story is told in DragonBirth. The true story can be read in the novella, The Gifts of Faeri.

Posts about Faeri:

Portrait of Faeri: Art for The Gifts of Faeri

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