Portrait of Faeri: Art for The Gifts of Faeri

Hello. It’s been a little while since the last art post. I made a few pieces of art really recently, but I still want to look them over and make sure they’re really how I want them. So this post features a portrait of Faeri I colored quite a while ago – sketched by the same person who often sketches my faces. I was really pleased by how the coloring on this one came out.

half-body portrait of Faeri, a woman with exotic yellow eyes and multiple-colored hair; a picture with warm, gold tones
Portrait of Faeri

Faeri is a woman who is bonded to a rare obsidian dragon named Chrysanthemum. She tends to be relatively solitary, content with Chrysanthemum for friendship, but she does not hate the company of people. She has spent most of her life traveling Aneri, trying to help people, since she has a special gift that allows her to sing the power to effect the world in various ways into objects. She uses this to create, among many other things, charms to help people recover from or resist illness or to grow food.

A corrupted version of her story is told in DragonBirth, Book One of the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy. Her true story is told in The Gifts of Faeri, a 23k novella which you can get free as a PDF on my website, or in whatever ebook format you prefer from stores such as Kobo and others. If you prefer paperback, you can get that also, but it’s not free!

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