Kario Flameheart

Kario was born in the Plains of Zharda, a long, wide stretch of plains cupped between the Mountains of the Sun’s Rising and the Sea, and further separated from the rest of Galen by the River of Death. Coming from a tribal people who live from the land and the few, primitive implements it supplies, under the shadow of Zharda and her protection, which keeps them safe from the fouling of dark magic and other powers, and prevents their society from changing too much, she has little experience or knowledge about the rest of the world.

Her people fear dragons, for a reason that lies mostly hidden in the past having to do with some havoc caused by evil black dragons, so when Nelexi first appeared in her life, Kario thought the Obsidian Guardian was going to eat her. After bonding to her, she had to leave the plains behind, as she would no longer be welcome among her people as long as she was a Dragonrider.

So before departing the Plains, she took the name Heart of Spring and Flame, shortened to Flameheart, as her people are wont to do upon becoming adults.

Flameheart is a sunny child – or young adult – innocent and hopeful, who does not see the evil in the world. Yet she is sensitive to the pain of others, and there are many times when she wonders if she is really fit to be the rider of a god, or if she is only a liability. For Flameheart is lonely and home-sick, and she is no warrior she has no special skills or magic, yet she is chosen by the Obsidian Guardian, an immortal dragon of vast powers, also known as Guardian of the Dragons and Wings of the Fire of Areaer. Yet Nelexi really just wants Flameheart to be her friend.

Posts about Kario Flameheart and Nelexi:

Art of HEART OF FIRE: Kario Flameheart – Chosen of the Obsidian Guardian


Inked line art of Kario Flameheart, a main character in Heart of Fire: Dragon-Mage Book One by Raina Nightingale, digitally colored
Kario Flameheart, Rider of Nelexi

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