Art of HEART OF FIRE: Kario Flameheart – Chosen of the Obsidian Guardian

This coming Wednesday is the Cover Reveal for Heart of Fire so for this Saturday Art post, I will be sharing another hand-drawn digitally-coloured picture, this one of the secondary main character in the Dragon-Mage series, of which Heart of Fire is book one.

Inked line art of Kario Flameheart, a main character in Heart of Fire: Dragon-Mage Book One by Raina Nightingale, digitally colored
Kario Flameheart, Rider of Nelexi

Kario comes from a semi-nomadic people who live in the sheltered Plains of Zharda, worshiping the Guardian of Storms – Zharda – and the Sun. Kario is the name she had as a child, but after she was chosen by Nelexi, a gigantic and immortal black dragon who is the Obsidian Guardian of all dragons, she took as her true name the name ‘Heart of Spring and Flame’, shortened to Flameheart, which is the name she goes by. Flameheart is in many ways a child, and has the childlike wisdom which some prefer to call naivety. Her relationship with Nelexi walks a careful balance, as the ancient godlike dragon shares her life with her, while at the same time keeping the secrets she cannot share yet and – more importantly, or else it is much the same thing – leaving her young rider free to grow and develop into the person she should be, instead of being overly shaped by experiences not her own.

The Cover Reveal for Heart of Fire is coming up on Febuary 1st, but if you want to preorder it now, the ebook and the paperback are currently available for preorder from select retailers here.

Thank you for taking a moment to look, and be sure to come back next time for another peak at book-related art! These pieces will be included in b&w or simple lineart in the paperback (let me know which you think you’d prefer, since I haven’t decided yet!), and probably in full colour in the ebook.

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