Author Spotlight: Ashley Capes with Exiles (An Epic Fantasy Trilogy)

Hello! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ashley Capes today, an epic fantasy author with a new trilogy on Kickstarter.

Here’s what Ashley has to say about eirself:

Hi, I’m Ashley, an Australian novelist, poet and teacher. This is my third Kickstarter project and I’ve been writing since before my teen years (as so many writers have) and started publishing in 2008, mostly in the poetry world. To date I’ve had six poetry collections published and released fifteen novels and novellas. When I’m not flat out writing, I tend to teach, usually Music Production, Media Studies and English. Teaching is a tough gig but it’s meant to be – learning is a deeply complex process. Before teaching, I did a few other things – I played in a metal band, worked in an art gallery and slaved away at music retail. Aside from reading and writing, I love volleyball and Studio Ghibli – and ‘Magnum PI’, easily one of the greatest television shows ever made. I’ve also been enjoying ‘Cowboy Bebop’ quite a lot.

The Exiles Trilogy, Epic Fantasy, by Ashley Capes

Exiles – An Epic Fantasy Trilogy

Unjustly driven from their homes, four mismatched heroes struggle to find their place in an unforgiving world!

The Exiles Trilogy is a multi-pov epic fantasy series with a connected story that follows four main characters on their struggles after being exiled from their homes, their loved ones and even their nations too.

Meet the Characters


Iggy was born without a face, forcing him to use his family’s psychokinesis on a perilous search to find a powerful deity who can help… at a cost.


Mei is desperate to protect her brother Iggy but as she follows him into banishment she finds herself tormented by divided loyalties.


Anyo (known as the “beggar prince”) fights to win back his honour in bloodthirsty nations contemptuous of those who seek peace.


Rokura, nobleman and assassin, must chase down rebels who have kidnapped a bastard prince, but soon finds he can no longer trust his King.

Separately, each one must deal with their own demons before it’s too late to come together and face down rapidly spreading darkness of the Moon Father, a pervasive creature behind the chaos in their lives.

Cover for A Drifting Sun by Ashley Capes; shows a woman casting magic with rays of light behind her head.The Faceless Moon by Ashley Capes; shows a man in blue clothes, with a moon rimmed in magic behind his head, and bright, coloured stars sprinkling in the background.

If any of that interests you, check out the Kickstarter here! It ends on the 19th of February, but if you find this page after that, I don’t know how it works, so still check it out if this interests you! I’m sure there are options.

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