Camilla, Dragon-mage

Camilla was born in the forests of Ilesh, as one of the humans kept as slaves and servants by the Wood Elves. Her father died in an accident when she was young, but she has always been close to her mother and her younger brother.

Despite the Wood Elves’ teaching that humans were inferior, incapable of being mages and certain to hurt the dragons if they bonded to them, Camilla never believed any of it, and challenged the restraints on her in every way she knew how. One of these was listening to anything she heard about using magic, a subject that interested her, until she eventually learned to shadowblend, something only the elves were supposed to be able to do, and a confirmation that she could be a mage. When she was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to see the dragon eggs hatch, Camilla defied the Wood Elves and risked punishment to be there. Once there, she bonded to a dragon, Radiance, changing her life as well as the lives of those around her, since her little brother followed her example and also bonded a dragon, and the Wood Elves separated them from their parents.

But at that moment, bonded to a dragon so close to her soul that she could tell where she ended or the dragon began, and sharing her mind and heart with another personality as strong as her own, her small defiances were born into a conviction and dedication that she would see her people free.

And not her people only, but the dragons who were made to bond to humans, but have been forced by magic and cruelty to bond to elves.

Camilla is fierce and devoted. She values freedom and loyalty above all, placing a special emphasis on respecting the freedom of others. She is prone to anger she never forgets and does not easily understand forgiveness. She especially does not tolerate people who try to take away the freedom of others or any sort of treachery. She knows that there is no such thing as destiny or fate, and believes that if you truly seek freedom and love with all your heart, eventually you will be free, if not in this life, then in the next. She doubts the existence of any god and tends to believe that any possible god must, by nature, be evil since to be a god is to be in a position of constraining the freedom of mortals. She will do anything to keep her brother safe and to rescue her people, but she is determined to survive doing so if at all possible.

Camilla is the primary main character of the Dragon-Mage series, starting with Heart of Fire, which will be coming on April 16th.

Posts about Camilla:

Art for HEART OF FIRE: Camilla, Rider of Radiance

Art for HEART OF FIRE – A Cozy Scene: Camilla Watching Radiance

Art for HEART OF FIRE: Camilla, Dragon-Mage

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