Art for HEART OF FIRE – A Cozy Scene: Camilla Watching Radiance


It’s been quite a while ago since I did an Art Saturday, but they are back for a while! I did a handful or two of sketches for my new release, Heart of Fire, and I took to coloring some of them. We’re launching off with those one, which is the only one that’s an actual scene!

A human sitting on top of a mountain cliff watching a dragon diving in the ocean; scene from Heart of Fire, Dragon-mage Book One, an epic fantasy by Raina Nightingale
Camilla watches Radiance dive over the ocean.

This is probably one of the calmest, most purely happy times in Heart of Fire. There’s a lot weighing on Camilla and Radiance, but for a while they’re stuck on some pretty nice islands while Radiance recovers from an injury and grows a little. (Of course, her brother and his dragon are there with them, also, as well someone Camilla doesn’t like so much; you will be introduced to her in time, too!). So, since there’s not much they can really be doing, Camilla learns to just enjoy life and have a bit of fun. Sometimes, she even forgets the dreadful event and the quest that hangs over her.

So here she is after climbing up to the top of a small mountain (or possibly being flown there by Radiance) to watch while her dragon friend learns how to hunt in the sea, or maybe just plays around. The two are in no opposition, so it could easily be both. One of the things that makes it best for them is that they get to share their pleasure with one another, and that makes the pleasure grow greater.

The Cover Reveal for Heart of Fire is coming up on Febuary 1st, but if you want to preorder it now, the ebook is currently available for preorder from select retailers here. The same link will work for the paperback and other retailers once those are available!

Thank you for taking a moment to look, and be sure to come back next time for another peak at book-related art! These pieces will be included in b&w or simple lineart in the paperback (let me know which you think you’d prefer, since I haven’t decided yet!), and probably in full colour in the ebook.

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