Let’s Appreciate Dragon Day with Dragon Books!


It’s Appreciate A Dragon Day on January 16th, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I never understand all these, “It’s a day for this, it’s a day for that, it’s a day for the other thing.” A day is whatever you make it be.

But I do love dragons.

And dragon books. Or dragon in my books. If I were a European-style hoarding dragon, I think my hoard would be lots of bookcases and books, most of them beautiful.

Well, does that idea interest you at all?

What about a hoard of books about dragons?

Check out this BookFunnel promotion. And don’t forget to check out my titles, since they’re on sale for this! And I’m sure a few other people’s titles are on sale, too!

Dragons Galore! A Dragon A Day, or even more!

Farewell for now! May Dragon’s Luck be with you!

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