Art for HEART OF FIRE: Camilla, Rider of Radiance

Hello! It is time for another Art Saturday!

This time we have the first picture featuring a human’s face that I ever drew and had turn out remotely right. This was sketched in pencil, then inked, and colored digitally.

Camilla, Dragon-mage, Dragonspeaker, Dragonkeeper, Dragonrider of Radiance, and female protagonist of Heart of Fire and the Dragon-mage series, epic slice of life dawndark fantasy.
Camilla, Rider of Radiance, Mage

This is Camilla, the main character of Heart of Fire, with the magesword she stole from a Wood Elf mage, with the help of some dragons. Since bonding to her golden dragon, Radiance, her pools of power, as a mage, have risen to unnatural heights, and continuously cause her hands to burn unless she has something to help the power drain away harmlessly. Mageswords are used by the most powerful of the Wood Elf mages for various reasons, but one thing they help with is the variation of this issue that often occurs in powerful mages who use their magic a lot, so she had the idea one might help her.

Camilla’s greatest values are freedom and loyalty. She has no compassion who have no loyalty, who help others enslave people or don’t resist slavery in any way she can see, or who betray their people. She intends to get her little brother, Lavilor, to safety and then come back, destroy the Wizard-King who ruined her people, and rescue them all. Circles of powerful mages have attempted to destroy the Wizard-King and failed, but she intends to do so – and survive. After all, she has a magic like no other’s.

Her dream is that, afterwards, she and Radiance can find a good place to have eggs and raise a new generation of dragons, and that she can perhaps explore things that were denied her in her childhood, such as making complex art.

Heart of Fire is coming on April 16th, 2023, and is currently available for preorder in both paperback and ebook formats here. The ebook is on 99cent presale through February and March, and will be available from Amazon on release day.

Thank you for taking a moment to look, and be sure to come back next time for another peak at book-related art! These pieces will be included in b&w or simple lineart in the paperback, and in full colour in the ebook, among other hand-done illustrations!

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