Art for HEART OF FIRE: Camilla, Dragon-Mage

Hi everyone!

Heart of Fire comes out tomorrow (April 16th), and I am back with another art piece for Heart of Fire. This time, by another artist, the lovely MidnightRose.

Camilla, rider of Radiance, Dragon-Mage, main character of Heart of Fire by Raina Nightingale; art by MidnightRose
Camilla, Dragon-Mage

Here is Camilla, standing in front of some bushes and shrubbery with a few butterflies flying around, on a windy fall day, with her magic fire wreathing and rising up from her hands. A scene that could easily have happened in the months she and Radiance spend in the Guardian Isles, on a day when she is playing and practicing with her magic and song.

I love this piece! MidnightRose did a really excellent job bringing my character to life, and I am so happy to have this wonderful character of Camilla, my main character.

Get Heart of Fire Here.

Read a Character Interview

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