Saturday Art: New Cover for The Gifts of Faeri

Hello! This Saturday I am taking another break from the Anidril System series to share a new cover with you.

In case any of you haven’t heard, I promised myself back when I was a little child I would do my own covers and art for my books. I thought authors did their own cover, until I asked why the covers were so often wrong because how could the author not know her own story or what color her main character’s hair was? And then I was told other people did the covers! And I decided I was going to be the exception.

Which, so far, I have been. I’ve had a little help with some of my covers so far, but until now they’ve been largely my work.

But then I saw some of Midnight Rose’s lovely art. Midnight Rose did some really cool character art for me (you can see that here), which I really loved, and then showed me some other Work-In-Progresses. One of which I fell so in love with, that it broke my resolve to do my own cover art …

So here is the new cover for The Gifts of Faeri.

The Gift of Faeri, original art by Midnight Rose, cover for The Gifts of Faeri by Raina Nightingale, an Areaer standalone novella prequel.

I also decided to write a new book blurb, since I really wasn’t overly happy with the old one. Here it is:

When Faeri is asked to use her magical song to assist in a birth that is not going quite right, she realizes that her power is greater and far more dangerous than she thought. And when shortly later a Nightmare creature appears, using its touch to taint her song-enchanted gifts, that newly-discovered danger escalates to nightmarish proportions. She thought she was helping people. But what if every one of her gifts is a liability, a way for the Nightmare to dig its touch, unsuspected, into people’s souls?

But when a rare Nightmare creature almost consumes Faeri’s soul, her dragon friend Chrysanthemum saves her with her fire, and Faeri wonders if there’s any way dragonfire can guard her enchantments against the Nightmare, or if the damage already done is irreparable and she should never sing again.

The Gifts of Faeri is free in ebook format from most retailers (though it will probably take Amazon a while to price-match, if the time it took for that to happen with Gryphon’s Escape is any indicator). It will be available in Paperback again soon, but it’s going to take a little time for me to re-work the formatting for that.

It is a complete, standalone novels and a prequel to the Return of the Dragonriders trilogy and Heart of Fire.

The Gifts of Faeri

Buy Link

Check out more of Midnight Rose’s art

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