Keya, Rider of Tanz

Keya is a young woman who was born in the Plains of Arosië in North Aneri, under the shadow of the Greater Aravin Mountains. A couple generations past, her family fled the civilized regions of the Plains and the city-states, fearing for the dragon eggs they kept. Now Keya lives with her grandfather, Shilchu, her father, and a lot of brothers. Her mother died years ago, but Keya remembers her and her father’s relationship. Keya thinks she wants a relationship like that, to find a man to live her life with. When she meets Silmavalien and finds a bond of close, committed friendship growing between them (even before they know more than a few words of the other’s language) and when she meets the blue dragon hatchling, Tanz, and becomes a Dragonrider, Keya gradually and imperceptibly realizes that what she wants is something she associated with her parent’s relationship, but that is different from romance and marriage.

Keya is thoughtful and contemplative. She is determined and spirited, and she gives people space when they don’t want to hear her thoughts. She is very dedicated, however, to making sure that Silmavalien knows that she is her friend and that Keya won’t leave her or let her run off alone because of any danger. She is the rider of the blue dragon, Tanz, a match for her in spirit, and a match for the exotic shade of blue of her eyes.

Keya is Silmavalien’s close friend in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy. She appears in DragonWing and DragonSword.

When posts about Keya appear, they will be posted here.

portrait of Keya, rider of Tanz, from DragonWing and DragonSword, Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy, Areaer, fantasy world by Raina Nightingale

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