Eldazìn, Elf Night’s Edge

Eldazìn is an elf and “Edge of Night,” a direct translation of an Elethrian word which basically means one who has the skills of an assassin or a spy. It primarily refers to the physical skills of an assassin or spy, not to such practices as breaking or creating codes, but it does not have a strict definition. Eldazìn’s background, from where he came and who his parents or family might be, are things known only to him, that he does not share.

Eldazìn is proud of his skill. He did not take up his craft because he has any desire to kill – though he will if the situation calls for it – but because he prides himself on the skills. He believes that he may be the best elf Night’s Edge in the world – and likely, therefore, the best in the world, since it is very unlikely a short-lived human could could be his better in more than one or two sub-disciplines, and those sub-disciplines ones which are not his best and focus. However, Eldazìn is aware that while his skill is certainly very good, it may be vanity which leads him to conclude that he is absolutely the best, and there are probably others who are nearly as good, so he tries to take that into account in his actions and decision-making.

Eldazìn has some strong ideas about how rulers would live and behave, and how politics should be undertaken, tempered by his views, skills, and outlook. In some areas, he tends towards caution, especially knowing just how good he is, and that – his vanity forbid – there might be someone else out there who is as good as he is and an enemy. These views often come into conflict with how Tara-lin believes she must live her life as the Singer.

As far as I know, Eldazìn has no romantic attachments.

Eldazìn appears in Sorceress of the Dryads, Book Two of the Legend of the Singer Duology, and in Kindred of the Sea (not yet out).

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Eldazin: Elf Edge of Night (Character from Sorceress of the Dryads)

eldazin, elf Edge of Night, assassin, character in Sorceress of the Dryads, world of Areaer, by Raina Nightingale; high fantasy
Eldazìn, Night’s Edge (Approximate portrait made with Artbreeder)

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