Ameriasel, Dragon Keeper, Wusren’anir’estchia

Ameriasel is the younger (and only sibling) of Jaryle. When she was still a baby, her mother gave her into the care of a young, solitary-minded woman named Lynn, who took her into the wilds and cared for her away from the threat of the Dragonqueen who was ravaging the world. Ameriasel developed differently from other children, never having been part or witness to the strain or stress of relationships or worry, and having the wild and the animals for her companions.

But when still a young child, their luck ran out, and she and Lynn were captured by the Servants of the Dragonqueen – though the Dragonqueen no longer walked manifest among them – who believed that she was destined to be their new Chosen High Priestess. Ameriasel detested living with them and resisted their attempts to try to indoctrinate her into their ones, and then one day Lynn realized she had to take whatever risks she had to, to get herself and Ameriasel away from them.

Though the flight was hectic, the room to be herself and near to the wild animals gave Ameriasel’s gift the final nudge it needed to blossom, and before long, Ameriasel learned to understand and speak to all the wildlife around her.

Possessed of an utter childlike innocence, perhaps strengthened by her communion with the animals, Ameriasel is always trying to make those around her happy and help them to enjoy the world they live. She is also ever curious, without fear of ideas, seeking only to listen. But she is inclined towards something of the solitude she was originally raised in, and prefers the company of animals – specifically, the family of dangerous wusren who have bonded to her, and her dragon, Traith, who might not count as an animal – to that of most humans. She also detest the habit so many humans – and some dragons – have of seeing her as some sort of priestess or savior, making her further inclined to seek primarily the company of the wildlife.

Ameriasel is a primary character in Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing (coming soon).

Ameriasel, who can speak to animals and dragons; character from Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing by Raina Nightingale; epic high slice of life fantasy

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