Norden Jaryle Palece, Herald of the Promise

Jaryle hails from Dayle, a small village in the Trinazee Mountains. His mother comes from a relatively secretive people with somewhat darker skin than the natives of the Trinazee Mountains. She was mostly sick and most of Jaryle’s father’s attention was spent attending to her, so Jaryle never really had parents of his own, but he did have something like adopted siblings: the sisters, Amrath and Cassian.

Jaryle was with them on the fateful day when the three children chose to explore a cave and Cassian wakened a slumbering monster. From there, life could never be the same again. When the monster – Camri – destroyed Dayle, Jaryle started dreaming about a wizard and Dragon-rider from another time, and his flight led him to the care of the last of his mother’s people, where he befriended a cousin of sorts: Nathen.

That was also how he heard the call of a long foretold but forgotten Promise and became its Herald.

Jaryle is deeply scarred by a life spent on the run, bearing a message for which others have been tortured and slain – while the only wounds he bears are emotional. The death of a friend he saw murdered before his eyes haunts Jaryle, and while he trusts the Promise, he is tormented between shame and fear. Shame, that others have suffered so much for the message he brought them, while he escapes unscathed. Fear, that one day he will endure the tortures himself….

Jaryle’s steadfast companion is the dragon, Keieth. They dearly love each other, but they are very different and their relationship is often strained. Among other things, Keieth is a born acrobat who wants nothing more than to demonstrate her skill and prowess in the air and share her amazing feats with her rider, while Jaryle finds even tame flying on a calm day to be terrifying, due to a bad experience.

Jaryle is a primary character in Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen (soon to be re-released) and Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing (soon to be released).

Jaryle, main character of Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen and Wings of Healing, by Raina Nightingale; Christian Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

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