Camri-Ryeth, Dragonqueen of Kaarathlon

Ryeth is a dragonspell dragon – a rare dragon with the power to occasionally and spontaneously manipulate the energy fields that constitute Kaarathlon in a way no human wizard can ever do. As an egg, she was the subject of an experimental spell by a wizard with the intention of stealing her power, but instead it imbued her mind with aspects of the human wizard’s mind and power. Tormented and twisted, the unhatched creature that was no longer truly a dragon and now had the name of Camri was placed under a spell of oblivion.

Ages later, a young Dragon Keeper shattered the spell, bringing Camri’s twisted mind into wakefulness and the ability to interact with her world. Immediately aware that life is dying, and unable to experience love as she should, Camri has one goal: to conquer her nature and thereby conquer death, and become an immortal goddess, worshiped by all. To this end, Camri embraces cruelty in an attempt to overrule her draconic empathy.

Her relationship with her Dragon Keeper, Cassian, is one that is strange and twisted, as she manipulates and torments Cassian, yet the effort she makes in keeping Cassian alive is not solely, or even primarily, because she intends to use her to control the dragons. She needs and craves Cassian and her love, though she will not admit it, and in the same way Cassian needs her.

Camri is incredibly powerful possessing the reliable control of a human wizard over the spontaneous unmatched power of a dragonspell dragon. Her thoughts are strange and twisted, being a combination of draconic and human thinking that was never meant to be. Her relationship to the fabric of the world means that she both exists and is aware of the world in a way and to a degree that is unmatched by any other, and though she is immediately aware that life is dying, no wizard or warrior, nor all of them together, can kill her.

The below is a crude depiction of one of Camri’s many appearances. Her only appearance that is possibly to draw is that of a red dragon and it is one she rarely uses. Her other appearances interact with the substance of the world and the modes of human perception in a way that is impossible to capture accurately, and which very few humans perceive in a similar fashion.

Camri-Ryeth is a primary Point-of-View character in Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen (coming soon).

a depiction of Camri-Ryeth, Dragonqueen of Kaarathlon, MC of Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen. Created and drawn by Raina Nightingale

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