Cassian, Dragon Speaker and Rider of Ryeth

Cassian is the younger of two sisters, and used to play with her older sister and their unofficially adopted brother, Jaryle. But shortly after she touched a strange reddish egg with a stick while exploring a cave with her play-mates, her world was changed forever. She bonded to the draconic creature that emerged from the egg, but her relationship to Camri-Ryeth was twisted from the beginning, as Camri was unable to accept the love Cassian would have given her, and soon destroyed Cassian’s village and killed her father.

Cassian became Camri’s slave, as the twisted dragon sought to conquer the world and make everyone – human or dragon – sacrifice to her and worship her. By nature, Cassian is cheerful and energetic, with an incredible amount of optimism and compassion. By Camri’s hatred and misery is such that Cassian struggles to maintain hope in the face of it. After all, she’s only a lonely child of about nine or ten, stripped of everything she knew before.

Cassian is a rare Dragon Speaker, which means that she can speak to any and all dragons, and a Dragon Keeper, which means that her touch hatches dragon egg and she can form secondary bonds with multiple dragons.

She is a main character in Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen (soon to be re-released).

Portrait of Cassian, child MC of Epoch of the Promise: Dawn Unseen, dark epic fantasy, noblebright, grimdark, christian

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