Calana, Priestess of the Dragonqueen

Calana was one of those chosen by the Dragonqueen to be her priestess during her reign of power and blood across Kaarathlon, specifically the continent of Syrwe. Her area of origin is a village in the southern foothills of the Trinazee Mountains, west of Dayle, where the Dragonqueen awoke and came into her power.

Calana worships the Dragonqueen for her power. She is in awe of her goddess for being so powerful and worthy she can and should do whatever she pleases to anyone, and does not need to explain herself to others. She hunts for worthy sacrifices for the altar of the Dragonqueen, and is fighting to make her own heart submit and acknowledge that it is right and good and wholesome for her goddess to do as she pleases – no matter what that is, or how cruel it is. She loathes herself for doubting the Dragonqueen, and is trying to conquer her cringing dread of the Dragonqueen’s punishments, any feeling that they are too severe.

Calana is a secondary perspective character in Epoch of the Promise: Wings of Healing (coming soon).

Portrait of Calana, a priestess of the Dragonqueen and an Epoch of the Promise (epic fantasy series) character.

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