Is It Even Possible (A Communion Poem)

Is it even possible that I

Should partake of the flesh of my God

Or feast on the blood of my King?

Is it even possible that I

Should be nourished in my Maker’s death

Or well by His last labored breath?

Is it even possible that I

Should be whole because God was broken

Or live on the blood of His cross?

Is it even possible that I

Should take my life’s sustenance from

From the crushing of my Sovereign?

I approach this table with trembling

Reverence, awe, and holy fear – I come

My God, slain for me, bids me come

So I come with this holy terror

He took my curse – I’m obligated

To eat His flesh and drink His blood

For His command is holy true and just

I dare not disobey Him, so I

Come with thankfulness and trembling

Copyright 2018 Raina Nightingale

The Humiliation and the Glory

The Infinite One who encompasses the worlds, the Lord of Majesty, becomes a baby in a woman’s womb.

The Lord of Love and Faithfulness is betrayed with a kiss of devotion.

He is bound with ropes that can not exist for a moment apart from His active will by men who can not breathe except that He allows it.

The King in whose presence the seraphs cover their faces and feet is mocked and spat upon by sinners.

The King of all kings and Lord of all lords is sentenced to death by a conquered people and a mere government official. Continue reading “The Humiliation and the Glory”