Hope: A Poem for DragonWing

Down the dark’ning halls 
Of frozen night and colder light
Flies an angel winged
Of tidings true the messenger.
Cracks impris’ning ice;
A burning day and warmer dark
Dawns in shadow bright
That brings a death of fairer life.
A once-frozen life
Gives way to death as cold as ice –
Death can break life’s death
Turn living death to dying life.
To die, to rise high –
To touch the grave and touch the skies.
Bright the blackest flame,
A scorching death to higher life!
For the deadest day
Grows alive by dying dark:
Death will evermore
Be release to the regions bright!
From the prison wide 
Of coldest ice and colder space 
Is the smoth’ring flame 
And hotter dark the open door.


Excerpted from DragonWing, Copyright © 2019, 2020 by Raina Nightingale


Amazon (Paperback Only)

Barnes and Noble (Paperback and E-Copy)

Poem from Book One, DragonBirth

Chapter Excerpt from DragonWing

SideNote: Last time I posted, the novels were only available in USD. For your information, the available currencies have been expanded.


2 thoughts on “Hope: A Poem for DragonWing

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