Dragon Song: Poem for DragonBirth

Swift and fiery, wind immortal,
Running beyond all mortal sight,
Now made one, undying in unity eternal
Beyond the everlasting fire and light.

Before the worlds were born
This was and is a world of its own;
Only those to love forsworn
Know this world to which no eagle has flown.

Now see and behold, lo!
This world more deep than eyes may see.
Come and find what no mind may know
Where all may dwell and as one be.

The streams here are pure and clear.
The winds are born with a flame living.
Never can one come to the end of me here.
There is fulfillment and yet no end to the seeking.

Come and find all your desire
To be made one ever closer.
Soar on winds of fire,
Fly beyond all you ever were.

This is where your heart can learn to fly;
These are the lands of true flight
Where there is no end or limit of beauty and sky
And you can race flame, soar on light.

This where you may run
As fleet as deer;
This where you will soar to the sun
Find there is no fear.

Swim through the rivers,
Ride upon the crest of the waves of the sea.
The winds here are stronger
Than all you can ever be.

Yet there is no harm;
Even pain will be life in love.
Find only peaceful charm,
Join the joy of all winged life above.

Do what you cannot do.
Race the wind swifter than you.
Find her in your heart, too
In strangest ways all your desires come true.


Excerpted from DragonBirth, Copyright © 2014, 2020 by Raina Nightingale

Paperback: 9.99 USD Ebook: 2.99 USD

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DragonBirth, Return of the Dragonriders, Areaer, Raina Nightingale, fantasy

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