This Holy Hill

This poem is based on Psalm 2. The Cross, the Resurrection, and the Ascension form one triumphant Mystery!


On Zion, this holy hill
Your God crowned You, O God
The crown of redemption Your Father placed
On the Head He anointed
With His Holy Spirit

And You walked the way of Sorrow
The Way of Glory You walked up –
Redemption glittering upon Your Head –
And ascended to Your Throne
Replete with victory

For there, on this sacred place
Before the Throne of the World
You fought Satan and wrested from that monster
The throne he stole from Adam
From Your Mother’s Father

When the Throne You took and sat
“Ask of Me,” Your Father said
And You said, “Forgive them O My Father
Make them My Inheritance
To rule by this, My Cross.”

Strong You reign, Christ and Adam
With that holy Scepter
Your Father addresses the world You won:
“Kiss the Son, heed His teaching
Else Your Deliv’rer’s wrath.”



Copyright 2020 Raina Nightingale

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