Jesus, the New Eve – Mother of All Living

“Who, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross.”

“When her baby is born into the world, she forgets her pain, in joy that a child has come into the world.”

“How often have I longed to shelter thee under My wings, as a hen shelters her young!”

“If a mother cannot forget the baby she has born, the child she has nursed at her breast, how shall I forget you, My people?”

“To see the Kingdom of God, you must first be born again.”


He is come, He is come, the Mother of all Living

She whom first His Hand did form

To be the mother of His children

But a faint reflection is, of His motherly glory

He doth nurture, He provide

He doth conceive and bear, and bring to fullness

He is the Womb in which we grow

He is the Breast on which we feed

He is the Wings that shelter us

He is come, He is come, the Mother of all Living

The stillborn child that was lost

He now bears to glorious fruition

As He told, the anguish of His passion and His cross

Are the labor pains of birth

A suffering that’s borne for the joy that cometh forth

He knows the torment He will forget

When He sees the child He has borne

Malformed no more, but lovely and whole!

Copyright 2021 Raina Nightingale

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