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Motivation: The Vision of God:

The Image of God and the Firstborn over all Creation: God must be all in all

(Part I) The Wonder of the Trinity: God is One

(Part II) The Wonder of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit

What Jesus’ Words Mean in the Context of the Holiness of God

I Will Look Upon Your Face in Righteousness: How Can I Envy Though My Enemies Have All Their Desire

Salvation: Sharing in the Life of the Triune God


(Part I) The Promises of God: Introduction and Psalm 23

Why The Believers Were Shocked by Peter’s Release: It Wasn’t What They Were Praying For!

(Part II) The Promises of God: Prayer – Whatever You Ask

Authority: Romans 13 in the Context of Life in America

How Should We, as Christians, Respond to ISIS?

Faith: The Sight of the Soul Upon God

Christian Forgiveness: As God in Christ Forgave You

Christian Citizenship

Hypocrisy in the American Church: A Scandal and Disgrace


The Humiliation and the Glory

Is It Even Possible (A Communion Poem)

Short Stories:

The Day I Would Die


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