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Motivation: The Vision of God:

The Image of God and the Firstborn over all Creation: God must be all in all

(Part I) The Wonder of the Trinity: God is One

(Part II) The Wonder of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit

What Jesus’ Words Mean in the Context of the Holiness of God

I Will Look Upon Your Face in Righteousness: How Can I Envy Though My Enemies Have All Their Desire

Salvation: Sharing in the Life of the Triune God

Salvation: Heaven From the Foundations of the World


(Part I) The Promises of God: Introduction and Psalm 23

Why The Believers Were Shocked by Peter’s Release: It Wasn’t What They Were Praying For!

(Part II) The Promises of God: Prayer – Whatever You Ask

Authority: Romans 13 in the Context of Life in America

How Should We, as Christians, Respond to ISIS?

Faith: The Sight of the Soul Upon God

Christian Forgiveness: As God in Christ Forgave You

Christian Citizenship

Hypocrisy in the American Church: A Scandal and Disgrace

(Part I) Who Are You That You Fear: Introduction and the Idolatry of Fear

(Part II) Who Are You That You Fear: I, Even I, Am He…

Temples of the Holy Spirit and Living Sacrifices

Free to Live and Free to Die

Lessons from Jonah, the Whale, and Nineveh: Salvation is of the Lord


The Humiliation and the Glory

Is It Even Possible (A Communion Poem)

Father, Son, and Spirit Blest (A Poem on the Trinity and the Rest of God)

The Song of Mary Magdalene and the Empty Tomb

Short Stories:

The Day I Would Die


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